Is Directory Submission Still Effective for SEO?

Search engine optimization tools have advanced in very significant ways in the past years and directory submission is one of the tools used in the early stages of developing effective ways to improve a websites ranking on search lists. The major players in the search engine industry are Yahoo, Google, Bing and Alta Vista in which the most prominent one being Google generates majority of traffic to most websites. To know more about the effectiveness of directory submitter it is best to go back and know more about how these types of software work.

An automatic directory submitter simply submit your site, blogs and articles to a mass of directories with just a push of a button. These submitters also generate back links to your site which makes it seem like a reliable source of a particular subject matter based on keywords use in a search. Back links are articles or blogs that link back to your website in which the more relevant back links combined with other undetermined algorithms used by search engines improves a websites standing or ranking.

With the all so many SEO software in the market today is directory submission still recommended? Here are some of the reasons why it is still of good use. Directory submitters are very much similar to the behavior of a person manually submitting a link but on a much faster scale which proves to be effective and less likely to be rejected by search engines. The rationale behind this is that other mass submitter software has a more increased capacity to submit multitudes more links which raises a red flag with search engines and would become suspicious because of the unnatural spike in increased traffic your website would be receiving from the previous months and may penalize and eventually decrease your sites ranking.

Directory submitters allow a company or individual to moderate the amount of submissions making it a more progressive increase instead of having an increase which is equal to the difference between night and day. Directory submission is still effective nowadays? It is very much debatable but on how effective it is compared to other SEO tools but at the end it seems to be very much so. Directory submitters are time and tested and deliver results and have been a very reliable tool for search engine optimization for hundreds and thousands of websites and will still continue to be for a very long time.

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