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My name is Rob

I am the owner and author of the courses currently on SEO Better. Through my work history over the past 15 years I have dedicated my time to SME and corporate SEO, content marketing and establishing digital marketing companies in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The point of these online courses is to provide you with the skills and tools needed to grow your revenue online.

We have multiple courses which include a set SEO syllabus and advanced SEO course lessons. You can learn things such as how to be a successful dropshipper, how to explode traffic with a digital content marketing strategy or how to automate social media marketing with our ecommerce courses online.

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Learning Objectives

We have so many academic goals that we expect you to achieve. By advancing through our online marketing courses you will gain the skills needed in areas such as SEO, dropshipping and content marketing.


Start Your First Technical SEO Course
Improved skills for building a profitable site to sell products or services online successfully, learn how to create a sales opportunity with our SEO course syllabus. .

Self Learning

Start Training With Our Ecommerce Courses Online
The most important thing we expect is that you will be able to learn ecommerce marketing by your self with our digital marketing training online. ..


Experiences Teachers Creating Content Marketing Course Online
Get knowledge about online business trends, keyword trend analysis, customer approaches and product marketing with our content creation courses. .


Digital Marketing Course Information
Prompt conversation and collaboration within a community of students learning one of the top digital marketing courses in the world.

International Payments

Paypal, Credit Card and Cryptocurrency
Our course for beginners is available in almost every country and currency. Checkout via some popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe and even Bitcoin.

Hosted Content

SEO Course Outline & Duration
All of our online marketing courses include videos, presentations, images, and content resources. Simply follow the complete digital marketing course lessons right from your computer allowing you to dive straight into the tutorial.

What People Say

How real people said about our seo and digital marketing course


Dominic Prieur

Front-end Developer

“ I had heard all about drop shipping but had no idea where to start, i wanted to learn from the ground up about SEO, finding products and how it works behind the scenes. As a previous web developer i wanted complete control over my website unlike other drop shipping solutions like the ones you hear about on Shopify. I was astounded with the things i learnt and put my new skills to good use. ”

dropshipping course testimonial

Rory Hardman


“ This is a comprehensive course that is easily to follow and quickly allows me to setup shop in a minimal amount of time. I was in a situation where i need to make some extra money fast and had heard about drop shipping. I was happy i signed up and thanks to Seobetter i had my site up and running in under a week. Got my first sale in the second week!”


Aaron Rous

Art director

“ I wanted to learn about SEO for eCommerce and had a few options but went with the courses on this website, I’ve learned a lot, and I highly recommend it. Thank you. ”

online course student

Tanya Schultz


“You need a whole ecommerce system to sell your products online, what i finally found out through research is that you can use WordPress to do all of this. Paypal, Stripe payment methods were taught and installed on my site, these help you sell your products out of the box. In the case you wanna use WooCommerce, this awesome ecommerce course will serve you well too. ”


Calvin Reitz

CEO at Thimpress

“ This course is a comprehensive solution for WordPress. This well structured tutorial will bring you the best experience ever with a super friendly UX and complete eLearning features. The lesson layout is easy to follow and shows you everything you need to know in order to start your own website. ”

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