Onsite search engine optimization keywords introduction


On-site or on-page optimization is the process of optimizing a web page with relevant keywords so that the website shows up for a keyword search in the internet. Keywords are those used by a visitor to find the necessary information in the web. Since words are the only means by which a visitor could get the required information from the web the short sentences or the core words used by the visitor or researcher is termed as a key phrase or a keyword. There are several tools that provide you with keywords in current use for various niches. Optimize the web page with keywords of high popularity will bring in a large number of visitors to your website.


Onsite search engine optimization

Wordtracker.com is an excellent example for a great keyword tool. Although at the first glance on site optimization seems to be a simple task, it is much complicated than you can imagine. Simply stuffing the web page with highly popular keywords will not produce any result. There are various factors that must be taken into account while optimizing a web page for search engines. Some of them include keyword popularity, keyword competition, keyword density, KEI, keyword relevancy, etc.


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It is wise to learn about the various factors to be considered while optimizing a webpage for search engines. Keyword popularity as the name defines is the popularity of the keyword. Keyword competition is the number of websites competing for a particular keyword. Keyword density is the percentage of keywords used in a web page.

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KEI is the keyword effectiveness index that tells you the probability of your site showing up for searches. Keyword relevancy is determined with the other content of the website. Keyword stuffing involves in over usage of the keyword. All of the above factors have a great influence, when it comes to pricing of on site optimization.

It is always wise to leave the job to the experts to get desired results. However, if you are confident about the keyword usage in the web page, you can also do it yourself. Search engines are smart enough to differentiate the right use of keywords and a black hat SEO technique called keyword stuffing. Using black hat onpage optimization techniques even unknowingly will result in penalty or even banning of the website. This is why it is highly recommended that you avail the services of SEO experts when it comes to on site optimization.

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