Does your site need Fresh content for SEO even if you dont have good writing Skills




Fresh content for SEO

A lot of clients often ask me if they NEED a blog or fresh content added to their site on a regular basis to keep their rankings. The truth is you don’t need to add new content to hold your rankings. Many sites stay static for years and hold onto their rankings with few changes ever being made.

You do need some relevant content and so I would always suggest having a minimum of about 6-12 good content pages on various topics or pages answering questions related to your niche. When adding content you should always try and add content that would be useful and informative for your readers.

Avoid adding content just because it targets keywords or because you think you need to add it. That being said, it is good to have a blog and fresh content because the more content you have, the more traffic you can potentially get.

Publishing quality articles in your niche can also help you establish yourself as a very knowledgeable industry leader, which can result in more business overall. Blogs and content are also a great way to take advantage of social media marketing with sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Votes on these sites are becoming signals to search engines of quality.

So simply put, having fresh quality content can be a great benefit and is highly recommend, but it is not necessary to achieve or to hold onto rankings for your main keyword phrases that you have optimized your home page and other core pages for.

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