Airdrop: League of Guilds NFT | Free Limited Genesis NFTs

Airdrop: League of Guilds NFT | Free Limited Genesis NFTs

Airdrop: League of Guilds NFT | Free Limited Genesis NFTs

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The prize will be our Genesis NFT(2021 limited collections), which is to commemorate the popularity of metaverse in 2021. It will be the user’s identity token in (LOG) . The higher the score you obtain from the following tasks, the rarer the NFT you can get from the airdrop.
1. Join Official Telegram Group (+10)

2. Follow official Twitter account (+10)

3. RT & tag 3 friends (+10)

4. Join Official Discord Group (+10)

5. Invite friends to complete the registration in LOG official website. The more registered people you invite, the higher the score you get. (+10~60)

6. NFTs are divided into 7+1 levels. The higher the NFT level, the rarer it is, and the higher the rights and interests enjoyed by the owner.

How to obtain NFT: The LOG team will airdrop NFT to users who meet the conditions after the event is over. There are 2021 limited collections of Genesis NFTs, which will be airdropped to the top 2021 users who have invited the most new users. Please pay attention to other official announcements for events.

Event end time: 18:00, January 26(UTC+8). If there is any change, please pay attention to the official announcement.

The final interpretation right of this event belongs to LOG team.
League of Guilds (referred to as LOG) provides unbiased,high quality and accurate information for users to draw their own informed conclusions,and to choose the best gaming guilds and metaverse games.

Additional Details

Airdrop Value - 1 Genesis NFT

Metaverse - None

Website Link -

Email address -

Price per NFT -

Max number of Mints / Coins -

Twitter Link -

Discord Invite Link -

Telegram Link -

Distribution Date - 01-27-2022

Performer - League of Guilds -

Organizer.url -

To register for this event please visit the following URL: →


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01-16-2022 to



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