Gen Meta NFT | NFT Whitelist Presale #Solana

Gen Meta NFT | NFT Whitelist Presale #Solana

Gen Meta NFT | NFT Whitelist Presale #Solana

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Welcome to the future! Our mission for Gen Meta is to create a multi-utility NFT that focuses on transitioning into the metaverse, and we plan on taking our pioneers with us. In this journey we will meet many milestones; such as releasing Gen Meta’s own storyline, creating our own token, giving our holders the capability to stake their NFT, Gen Meta vol 2, etc. Our community will not only enjoy seeing this happen in our digital world, but our holders will also have fun in real life networking events, international fiestas, and special giveaways. We are very excited for you to join our Gen Meta family. Come with us to the moon, or should I say to the metaverse!!!!??

Which blockchain will GenMeta use?

SOLANA blockchain

When is the mint date ?

February 25th – Presale (2.75 sol) February 27th – Private Sale (3 sol) March 1st – Public sale (3.8 sol)

I thought the project was 3D art, not 2D?

We will give our holders a 3D version of their NFT 3 weeks after the reveal, which is on Jan 17th. It is a requirement that you hold your NFT for 3 weeks before you get the 3D version.

Why do we need to hold our 2D NFT before we get our 3D version?

Our priority is our holders, which is why we focus on the utility of the project very much. Stating this we want our people to buy the NFT for the long term and not just the flipping side of the NFT space.

How is Gen Meta unique ?

Our mission is to create a multifunctional utility based NFT. Just like you, we have been buying NFTs investing our time and money but ended up filling the bank accounts of money hungry creators who focus on selling out their NFT. Instead of creating something amazing and developing a community around it. WE want to give you an amazing art, long term value, utility, opportunity to make money and be part of a community that helps you grow mentally, physically and financially.

How can I get whitelisted ?

There are many ways to get whitelisted, the best advice is to stay active on the discord. We will be posting challenges and competitions where winners will be whitelisted. Also, look at our Whitelist section to look for how to’s for the limited whitelist spots.

What are the whitelisting and private sale numbers ?

Upon competitions and giveaways, one of the many incentives will be to be whitelisted and invited to the private sale. This will give you the guarantee that you will have access to buy a GenMeta as they will be sold out by the public sale date. 1000 whitelisted members will have access to buy up to 3 Gen Metas on Feb 25, and another 1000 members will be invited to the private sale to have access to buy up to 2 Gen Metas on Feb 27

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Airdrop Value -

Metaverse - None

Website Link -

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Price per NFT -

Max number of Mints / Coins - 7999

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Distribution Date - 04-23-2024

Performer - Gen Meta NFT -

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