Super Racer NFT | Whitelist NFT

Super Racer NFT | Whitelist NFT

Super Racer NFT | Whitelist NFT

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Super Racer is about arcade-style action, mind-bending speeds, unforgettable characters with unique abilities, and fantastic cars from the 60s all the way to the 2020s!

WHAT IS SUPER RACER ABOUT? Super Racer is a multiplayer car racing game where players race their favourite cars across several exciting race tracks! Drive, drift and slide your way to victory in beautiful locations with awesome graphics, sounds, and arcade style gameplay!

WHAT BLOCKCHAIN WILL SUPER RACER BE AVAILABLE FOR? Super Racer will be available on the Solana blockchain.

HOW DO I GET A CAR? You will be able to mint a car during the public sale.

WHEN IS THE PUBLIC SALE DATE? The date for the first 5,555 car collection will be announced soon. Please check the announcement channel for the latest news!

WILL THERE BE A PRESALE? Stay tuned and keep your eyes on the announcement channel.

WHAT WALLET WILL I NEED? We recommend using the Phantom wallet.

WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY CAR? You will be able to access your car in the game, race it, customize it, and sell it if you wish. Racing will earn you $CRDTS, which you can use for car upgrades, customization of your characters, and to enter races to win more $CRDTS. We plan to develop a rich Metaverse racing experience for the Super Racer community.

WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT SUPER RACER? Money, fame, and glory! Just like real world top F1 drivers enjoy the many benefits of their amazing racing skills, so will the Super Racer drivers – racing across the Metaverse. We will use a percentage of royalties to make contributions towards different charities working on making the world a better place, and will have direct integration of these features within the game.

HOW CAN I PLAY THE GAME? The game is currently being developed for PC, with an Alpha version planned for release in Q4 of 2022. As our community grows, we will also produce a VR version of the game. More details will follow in our roadmap!

WHO IS THE TEAM BEHIND SUPER RACER? We are LGG, an indie video game studio from Toronto, Canada. We love creating unique video games and push the boundaries of what a game can be.

Super Racer NFT Roadmap

Q1 2022 January Trailer Release (Jan 21st) Securing first partnerships Start of weekly developer streams
Community building February Litepaper release March Mint – 5,555 Cars drop (March 29th) Tokenomics doc release

Q2 2022 Mint – Drivers drop

Q3 2022 Mint – Second Cars drop

Q4 2022 Mint – Second Drivers Drop Alpha version release

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Max number of Mints / Coins per wallet - 5555

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Distribution Date - 03-30-2022

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