high traffic low conversion

9 Ways To Fix High Traffic Low Conversion Rates For Under $10.

You may find that you have a high traffic low conversion situation on your website.

There is a big opportunity for online businesses is to capture the attention and interest of potential customers who view their website from social media and from here build relationships with them.

This is done through blogs and feedback mechanisms to convert the user from a follower into a customer.


TL;DR – Improve your traffic with various Fiverr gigs. Download the Fiverr iPhone app or Fiverr Android app to get started.

fix high traffic low conversion

The trick is to work on multiple sources of traffic, improve the copy of your page and provide video’s from people talking about your product or service.

There are significant growth opportunities that exist for any business.

Do you always hear the same questions on high traffic low conversion problems?

After you finish this article, read our guide on website promotion ideas to boost your targeted traffic.

helium 10 blackbox helium 10 cerebro

The Amazon Product SEO Combo = Helium 10 Black Box + Helium 10 Cerebro

This is the definitive guide to using Helium 10 Blackbox + Helium 10 Cerebro for new or existing Amazon marketplace sellers.

Are you trying to increase your Amazon product sales rank, Amazon product listing SEO and search presence?

I think you’ll agree with me when i say:

It is really hard to convert ice cold products into hot selling products on Amazon.

Or is it?

Well it turns out you can dramatically increase your Amazon product purchases by adding one simple software tool to your repertoire.

5 Simple Tools To Boost Product Sales On Amazon In 15 Days

What am i doing wrong? If you have hit a wall, then take guidance on how to boost product sales on Amazon.

So you have an Amazon store, you have reviews, you have your product pages and you have advertising and you are still asking, “Where are all of the customers?”.

Five years ago, these primary marketing efforts to boost product sales on Amazon would have worked, even 3 years ago, they would have been sufficient.


Not so much.

So what’s different?

What’s changed?

A lot.

Ninja forms review

The Definitive Ninja Forms Review – Pro’s and Con’s

We are going to give you a complete Ninja Forms review so you can get a feel for what it is and how it works.

Ninja Forms stands out from the crowd with its drag and drop features to create the ultimate form and with a few beautiful touches of CSS you can make it look like a pro made it.

WebSite Auditor Review from SEOBetter

Today we are going to give you a free WebSite Auditor review, as long time supporters of this software we have seen the features gain more credibility over time to get it on a level of supremacy.

Many people have not heard about this tool, though with over 5 years of development, this is what a website auditing tool should function as.


– Provide your customers with a complete website audit worksheet
– Run a complete website content audit
– Resell your own website audit service
– Find broken links with a website functionality audit
– Fix titles and descriptions with this website technology audit

The 10 Best Ways To Promote Your Carousell Store

So you have just finished creating your Carousell store on your Carousell app download and you want to share your products with everyone on the marketplace.

After all, what good is a Carousell store if no one is viewing your products?

Promoting your products on the Carousell app does not have to cost you bucket loads of money, as a matter of fact it does not have to cost you anything at all.

How to use Yoast SEO structured data content blocks with Gutenberg (FAQ & How To)

How to use Yoast SEO structured data content blocks with Gutenberg (FAQ & How To)

I think you’ll agree with me when i say:

It is really hard to use Gutenberg for WordPress.

Or is it?

Well it turns out you can dramatically increase your CTR rate on search engine results with Yoast SEO structured content blocks.

I created a page that has a CTR rate of 28% according to Google web master tools and it isn’t even ranking in the top 3 spots for the keyword I optimized it for.

And in today’s post I’m going to show you what that page is.. and exactly how to add FAQ schema in WordPress with Gutenberg.

How to setup author tracking in Google Analytics with MonsterInsights

How to setup author tracking in Google Analytics with MonsterInsights Software

You may want to setup author tracking in Google Analytics if you run a website on WordPress with multiple authors.

In this blog post we will show you how to setup author tracking Google Analytics so that you can track all of your sites authors posting content on your website.

You may need this kind of solution if you are running WPML for WordPress or any other multisite solution which facilitates the need for multiple WordPress websites on one installation.

shopify revenue growth seobetter

How I increased my Shopify revenue growth in 2 weeks with this one method

I had a store, I worked hard on my website but my main focus was working on my Shopify revenue growth.

Does Youtube video re-marketing still work?

Short answer: YES.

But you need to create adds and promote them the right way.

Well, based on what i learnt, I just put together a new guide on Shopify revenue growth that get results.

Get your notepad out, bookmark this page and get started.