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We are a group on individuals who are passionate about eCommerce, Drop Shipping, SEO, SEM and PPC Marketing. We are looking for teachers with the same passion who are looking to promote with our online course creator. We screen all teachers that apply and only accept the best. It is advised to introduce yourself on our Reddit Channel - The Side Hustle or on our Discord Channel - The Side Hustle. Get involved in the community first and share your knowledge, once we can see that you really know your niche market well, this will fast track your application.

How To Become A Teacher

Publish your course on the best online course platform 2019

By becoming an instructor with SEObetter (if you are selected) you will be joining an elite team of people who have worked hard to get to where they are today. We are only looking for those people with self motivation and the inner passion to succeed. Those people who have failed multiple times and followed through to perfect their technique with making money online, we want the guys who hustled online for 6 months without making a cent and stayed motivated until they made $10,000 + a month in profit. We know how hard it is, that is why we are teaching students how to fast track the testing and move straight onto promotion and profit.

Get involved with our community on Reddit and on our Discord channel and publish your knowledge on our online course creator for free!
Instructors should have all of their own video editing software, we just provide the platform to sell on.

Each instructor has the option to teach with either a screen share or by recording themselves talking over a screen share. Each courses needs to have real life examples and objectives so students can work along side you as your instruct with your tutorial. All videos will be copyrighted under the brand and used solely on this website. Instructors will gain a high commission rates on each course sold. It is the teachers obligation to provide support for students enrolled in their courses from which correspondence can be provided through the SEObetter website.
Our website has a large user subscription base with a growing following on social media networks such as Reddit, Discord, Twitter and Facebook. We have a team of followers with multiple Facebook groups, PR guys and industry influencers who are ready shout out our courses from the roof tops when they launch. Why is this? They know that we provide the best quality courses from premium teachers that are found no where else.

When you publish your course with us, you will gain instant traffic from our 150,000 newsletter subscriber user base which is growing daily and through blog promotion on our website.