I have spent hours searching the WordPress plugin repository looking for the best WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin.

For any beginner using a Google analytics plugin with enhanced eCommerce reporting is 10x easier then setting up multiple WooCommerce enhanced eCommerce tag manager segments.

This post will present you with the best WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin options that automatically setup the enhanced eCommerce reporting feature in Google Analytics.

We have tested each WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin, and can verify that they work without any extra modifications.

Want to jump straight to the answer? OptinMonster is the easiest plugin to use for WooCommerce sites.

What is enhanced eCommerce Google analytics

Enhanced eCommerce Google analytics can be setup in a few seconds with a WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin. Google analytics provides a tool to measure you traffic, KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), and entire website performance.

The benefits of using enhanced eCommerce Google analytics includes being able to see your KPI’s in action, to monitor the impact of your page content and to understand which marketing campaigns are working and which ones are not working.

You should consider testing your measurement of web visitors, conversion rates and costs.

If you are using Facebook Adds, PPC campaigns and testing paid traffic keywords then implementing enhanced eCommerce Google analytics is essential.

The Best WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin- so what’s in it for me?

Some people freak the moment they read or hear a word like ‘Analytics’ – fearing that they have to be some kind of mathematical genius or top notch sales analyst.

This isn’t the case at all because Web Analytics tools can not only be easy to follow but provide your business with an absolute treasure trove of real data – vital for both day-to-day operational management and long term strategic management decision making.

Anyone who has ever managed other managers – particularly sales or regional managers – will understand how difficult it can be to set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) as both a part of the performance appraisal process and as a part of trying to achieve your sales and financial results objectives.

For example, you launch a new product or service that you estimate will lift the financial result by ten per cent, even after a two per cent leakage from one of the existing products or services.

enhanced ecommerce google analytics

Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

1-click Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads & MemberPress.

Setting KPI’s for individual staff to achieve this growth could be anything from pure guesswork through to a lengthy mathematical calculation process.

Especially if you may have varying results by location when affected by differing social and economic demographics, competitor activity, length of time in that market, etc.

best woocommerce google analytics plugin

Likewise, just working through individual monthly reports from your sales team can be a nightmare – particularly when there is a large number of creative responses justifying why the sales targets have not been achieved.

Imagine what decisions – and results – your business could achieve if you had quick, accurate, measurable data that answered those last four bullet points.

best woocommerce google analytics plugin

Three things that I have always had drummed into me in management are:

  • Manage with facts.
  • Information is power.
  • Hope is not a strategy.

Analytics allows any business to have all that information so that operational and strategic management decisions can be made using real data.

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The ability to set realistic and achievable KPI’s – and measure the results on demand, without waiting for monthly sales reports.

In fact, why not do away with the sales team writing reports?

best woocommerce google analytics plugin

Real-time Stats

Get real-time stats right inside WordPress to see who is online, what they are doing, and more.

They hate doing them; it takes a huge amount of their time better spent in the field; you can access the data on demand and instead tailor a specific ‘please explain’ to necessary staff needing follow-up.

How Google Analytics helps businesses

1. It can identify the site referrer, or referring page of where your traffic is coming from – allowing you to foster relationships accordingly, such as possible strategic alliance opportunities. It can also segment date/time stats – so that you can identify peaks and troughs in traffic flow.

2. You can streamline your product list – or content list – if there is a low browse-to-buy ratio.

3. Marketing campaigns can be monitored for effectiveness and cut off, revamped, etc.
Cross-selling opportunities can be identified.

4. You can analyse your visitor clickstreams – so that your Web site hierarchy can be changed if necessary to increase conversation rates.

5. Visitor groups can be analysed to determine their likelihood of becoming customers, subscribers or members.

6. The overall impact of on-line sales can be compared against other sales channels used by your business.

7. Web site content changes can be trialled and impact measured – so that it can be tweaked, or left as is depending on results.

8. Keywords used in searches by visitors to find your site can be tracked – product lines, service or site content can be made if necessary.

9. Web site errors – such as non-existent pages and broken links – can be identified and corrected.

10. Data and information gathered can usually be presented in formats such as Raw Log Files, Data Tables, Graphs etc. – so can be as visual or technical as necessary depending on what you are using the data for.

11. You can also set KPI’s for your Web site on measures such as User and Traffic Growth, Content Effectiveness, Internal Search Effectiveness, Marketing Effectiveness, Conversion Rates, and Shopping Cart Effectiveness.

12. In addition you may want to tailor KPI’s to suit your business needs and to measure other categories such as the effectiveness of E-Commerce sites, Content Sites, Lead Generation sites and Customer Support sites.

best woocommerce google analytics plugin

From what we have covered in this blog you can see that any business with a Web site really needs to be using

Web Analytics because of the vast amount of high quality data it can provide on demand.

The benefits to a business are immense and having the ability to benchmark then monitor your results plays a pivotal role in the ongoing operational and strategic management decision making process.

enhanced ecommerce custom dimensions with funnels

It should also reinforce to all businesses the importance of keeping your Web site current and fresh on a constant basis and use the appropriate Analytics tools for your business needs.

Rather than collecting every imaginable piece of data and getting bogged down in understanding what it all means.

It’s all about your commitment to Continual Improvement.

How can installing enhanced eCommerce Google analytics help my eCommerce business?

For anyone unfamiliar with Analytics, the following is an overview of how it works, why you should be using it and what it can do for you and your business.

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  • The primary goal is to make improvements to your promotional initiatives and Web site design – how people find your site, how easy it is for them to navigate the site, how visitors turn into paying customers and repeat visitors.
  • You need to be using Analytics already if you:
    • Generate revenue from your Web site.
    • Have high traffic low conversion rates.
    • Are spending on search campaigns through search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
    • Are planning on redesigning your Web site.
    • Engage in e-mail marketing.
    • Use link building campaigns and link exchanges.

best woocommerce google analytics plugin

Performance & Optimize

Enable Google Optimize for A/B testing, adjust speed & sample rate, and several other advanced features.

What are some useful enhanced eCommerce Google analytics terms?

Here are a list of the various terms you will find when using Google analytics.

1. Unique visitor – This is a user who has visited your website at least once (tracked by their unique IP address) in a fixed time period. This term is used in web statistics to count each visitor to your website once in the time frame you set for the report.

2. Bounce rate – This is the percentage of visitors who leave your website for a different website, rather then continue onto your other pages. This can happen when a new visitor only views a single page on your website and leaves. A high bounce rates will indicate that your entrance pages are not relevant to your visitors.

3. Conversions – This is wheather you visitor has reached a defined goal that you have set. This is to see how well your site is turning traffic into goals, which can be something as simple as signing up for an event, registering on your site or purchashing a product. It gives you the ability to gauge how effectively your site is working.

4. New visit – A completely new visitor.

5. Returning visit – A returning vistor who has been on the site before, but came back for another session view.

6. Page impressions or page views – A page opened by a user.

When you install the Best WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin for your website based on our list, you can turn on Google analytics enhanced eCommerce features to find out alot of useful information such as the following:

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A summary of the best WooCommerce Google analytics plugin to create reports on what is driving leads, conversions and sales

A summary of using enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics

It is imperative that you monitor your online marketing spend with your traffic sources, audience demographics, KPI’s and overall web performance.

Using the MonsterInsights enhanced eCommerce Google analytics will give you the opportunity to create some powerful reports for personal stores or clients.

You will gain features such users shopping behavior, checkout behavior and sales performance.

With enhanced Google analytics installed you can optimize further activity based on the results.

If you are still confused with creating reports you can take a look at the Google analytics solution gallery.

These are pre made custom reports you can attach to your dashboard to accelerate your learning curve and analyze the statistics that matter.

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