Betfury Casino – A Betfury Review ? Is Betfury legit? Is Betfury Safe?

Get Betfury boxes, Betfury staking, Betfury BFG tokens and how to earn them with the games provided.

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This is our hand tested Betfury review.

Within this SEOBetter review you will get an all encompassing thoroughly unbiased run down of Betfury.

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Total prize pool to give away on Betfury

This will include Betfury boxes, Betfury staking, Betfury BFG tokens and how to earn them with the games provided.

I personally enjoyed playing the games on Betfury.

I do own a small amount of BFG tokens and stake them to get a small amount of cryptocurrency for free every day.

This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, USDT and BTT.

I have also invested in the Betfury boxes with Ethereum.

I purchased a Betfury box on Ethereum – 30 day return

So let’s get into this Betfury review.

Betfury Review – What does Betfury offer as an i-Gamer?

Betfury review – What is i-Gaming?

When you create an account on Betfury, like me you have the vision to make more in cryptocurrency then you have now.

You are hanging on the whims of grandeur that maybe, just maybe this website will give you a decent return.

After playing games on Betfury you need to get out of your head that you are going to win a substantial amount of money on any bet.

Betfury has around 10 core games which seem to be Apps created by the Betfury team (correct me if I am wrong).

A large selection of game you can play on Betfury and gamble with cryptocurrencies

These include the following:

The remaining games a slot machines, which are quite fun to play and I have personally won a few features and increased my Ethereum stake by 50%.

When playing like at any casino, then incentive is of course to win more money then you put in.

With Betfury, after spending around 200 USD to try it out, this may not be the case.

I can say, I think Betfury has put a ton of work in creating this website.

The design, UX and branding is on point and the levels of incentives and rankings systems gives users the drive to keep playing and get to the next level.

I think Betfury is still in it’s early stages at this time, so if you have always wanted to try gambling with cryptocurrencies then it is best to get in early on a site like Betfury.

I think overall I would have gave this review a higher rating if I actually got a rare win or semi jackpot off investing $500 in Ethereum on bets.

In order to play you need to have BTC or Ethereum. You can buy these from the following websites:

Betfury token review

The main aim of the game is to win BFG tokens.

The main reason is the more tokens you earn, the more you can stake and get your money back. Here is the current daily, monthly and quarterly rebate on when you can earn based on how many BFG tokens you are staking.

Staking 100k BFG tokens in January 2021

What you can earn if you have 100,000 BFG tokens staked on Betfury

Staking 500k BFG tokens in January 2021

betfury review - stake 500k BFG tokens
What you can earn if you have 500,000 BFG tokens staked on Betfury

Staking 1 million BFG tokens in January 2021

What you can earn if you have 1,000,000 BFG tokens staked on Betfury

There are many strategies to win BFG tokens and Betfury has weekly give aways on tokens so you can win more, you will need to be signed up to their telegram account in order to enter into the draw.

When you play any games on Betfury you will automatically earn BFG tokens.

If your goal is to get to 100k BFG tokens, have a plan before you play.

Do some research on youtube and follow some strategies, get one setup then play.

If you don’t have a strategy to earn BFG tokens before you play these games, you will no doubtably lose.

From my experience playing for 2 weeks, have about 300 – 500 to invest with crypto Bitcoin, USDT or Ethereum and set your game on auto with the correct settings.

Calculate how much you need to spend in order to get to 100k tokens or more.

I made some strategies you can watch on the SEOBetter youtube channel.

What is the Betfury token price?

The Betfury token price or BFG price is currently not established.

At the time of writing this, the current amount of BFG tokens available are as followed:

Betfury BFG Token details:

Max supply: 5 000 000 000 BFG

Total mined: 2 316 532 039 BFG

Total staked: 1 856 457 871 BFG

Total unstaked: 137 637 511 BFG

Burned: 322 436 657 BFG

This means nearly 50% of the tokens have been mined from playing games.

I assume that in 2021, the total supply my be nearly exhausted

Users will have the ability to withdraw tokens to a wallet or an exchange to sell or trade them for other cryptocurrencies.

The desired outcome is 1 BFG token is worth $1 or more, so you get a higher return on your investment in the future.

Always know that any cryptocurrency spending or investment involves risk.

Know your limits.

Betfury box – A Betfury boxes summary

A Betfury box is similar to a fixed savings account or fixed defi account.

For instance I bought this ETH Betfury box on a 30 day investment.

betfury boxes

I invested 0.004 ETH, in 30 days I get 0.0044.

All boxes have the choice to choose a 7 day investment or 30 day investment, with the later providing a higher return percentage.

In order to get boxes that provide higher returns in BTC and Ethereum, you need to increase your rank.

As you can see I can get this box when I get to level 2 rank.

Get higher return boxes when you have a higher rank

I can choose a 7 day investment and get a 25% return.

Or i can choose a 30 day investment and get a 50% return.

It is not bad, though to get to level 2 rank you would have to have played a fair amount of games.

Betfury ranking system

For someone with a decent stash or crypto, Betfury could be a decent place to play some games and get some returns at the same time.

As a person who frequently puts $50 to $100 into the pokies (or slot machines as you would say in the USA) I enjoy the odd flutter or bet.

It gets me away from the mundane nine to five and the animations, sounds and features do tantalize the senses.

Betfury dice game

The Betfury dice game gives users the following options:

  • You can move the scale to roll under or roll over which will increase or decrease the multiplier.
  • The higher it is you have a higher chance to win.
  • It is best to create a strategy then leave it to run on automatic.

You first need to set your bet amount in the cryptocurrency you are using.

Betfury dice game strategy – Check your bet settings

From here you should select the following:

  • The number of bets you want to pay
  • What profit you want to stop on
  • What loss you want to stop on
  • The maximum you want to bet
  • If you win, increase your bet by a percentage
  • On a loss, increase your bet by a percentage

Betfury dice strategy

Is there a Betfury dice strategy?

I think there would be, though you need to have some serious math skills.

There is one strategy I read about on Youtube, from a user called Defi Tre.

The name of the game is to bet at at 84% with 11% in win and 11% increase on loss.

Make sure to set your stop on profit setting.

This could be a Betfury dice strategy for short incremental bets.

If you wanted a long term Betfury dice strategy you would need to do some further research.

In both cases the end goal is to accumulate BFG tokens.

Betfury Keno game

The Betury keno game is like your regular Keno game with one added difference.

You can set low, medium or high risk bets.

With a low risk setting on the Betfury Keno game, you win more often.

The trade off is the percentage you win on your bet goes down.

Choose a Betfury Keno setting that has the best returns

The higher the risk, the less you win but the higher the percentage is.

From playing all of these games, I would say I enjoyed playing the Betfury Keno game more then others.

It is a bit of fun, try it on low risk first and set your profit limit.

Betfury Keno strategy

My Betfury Keno strategy on the Betfury review is to set the risk level to low then only play numbers in the top half of the board.

I have found the best returns on this strategy.

Run it on auto, then when you get 3 losses in a row, change your numbers and start betting again.

Betfury slot games

There seem to be hundreds of Betfury slot games available to play.

From my experience I enjoyed playing Wild Spin.

To get started you need to select the Cryptocurrency you want to bet with at the top of your screen.

Next choose a currency to bet with e.g USD or EURO.

Select your currency before you play slot machines on Betfury

From here I usually set a minimum bet and just roll with it.

I got the feature a few times on this machine and I enjoyed getting the semi-feature with the special win reel on the last row of the game.

Betfury slow games are a lot of fun and I encourage you to give it a try.

Like anything, know when to stop gambling and pull your money out on a loss or win.

Betfury review FAQ

What is the Betfury twitter?

You can find the Betfury Twitter account here.

betfury twitter account

What are the most popular Betfury reddit questions?

According the reddit with posts related to Betfury with the “top” filter applied, here are the top 5 topics on reddit related to Betfury in 2021.

– Betfury – make your passive earnings
– Christmas Party on BetFury. Новогодняя акция выиграй 10000 долларов
– CoinPot Faucets Overview & Multiplier Tips + Other Crypto Earning Sites (Post your own Referral Links Here)
– Good project and its team is working very hard on this project so that this project is going to give us a very good profit in future
– BetFury get up to 15% rewards

What are the most popular Betfury reddit questions?

What is the Betfury telegram?

The Betfury team has multiple Telegram accounts.

The official Betfury channel is

The Betfury chat channel is

The Betfury team will be adding new Telegram channels in the future for different languages to communicate more easily with the community.

Betfury telegram channels

Is there a Betfury app?

There is a not a Betfury app. You can access the Betfury website on your mobile browser to play games.

Is Betfury legit?

Betfury is legit. I have deposited and withdrawn BTC and Ethereum. I have earned BTC, Ethereum, Tron USDT and BTT from playing games and staking Betfury’s BFG tokens.

Is Betfury legit?

What are the most popular Betfury Bitcointalk topics?

In January 2021, these are the top 3 mosts popular Bitcointalk topics about Betfury.

?[BOUNTY]?BetFury ✅Live Project?235 000$ in BFG Tokens?Payout every 2 week?

Re: ?|⚡️Free BTC|⚡️$3mln Divs paid|⚡️$200K Jackpots|⚡️$1mln Cashback

?BetFury EVENT 5.555 BTC ?| FREE 0.4mBTC ? 0.5 BTC in Video Rebus ? (Update)

Betfury bitcoin talk topics

Are there any Betfury tricks?

There are many Betfury tricks you can try out.

You should view the videos on the SEOBetter Youtube channel for all of the latest Betfury tricks 2021.

seobetter youtube channel

What is the Betfury airdrop BFG Betfury token price?

The BFG Betfury token price has not yet been established. As of 2021 there are rumours each token has a price of $11 USD, though this is just speculation.

When the BFG token gets onto major exchanges then the price will be determined by the market.

Betfury bfg token price

Betfury has recently added a ton of new alt coins you can play igames with included many ERC-20 tokens, and more coins on the Binance smart chain.

With the new coins added you need to make sure you select the correct network when you send your funds, to ensure you can start gaming.

The new coins added to Betfury include:

Currencies that support only BSC protocol: ONT, ZIL, CAKE

Currencies that support only ERC-20 protocol: OMG, STORJ, GLM, HOT, ENJ, OX, CHZ, SUSHI, UMA

Currencies that support both ERC-20 and BSC: BAT, LINK, UNI, YFI, 1INCH, REEF, SNX, AAVE, COMP, MKR

This is great news, especially if you have some of these laying around and want to start playing some slots or dice games to increase your portfolio.

Betfury Altcoin DeFi boxes

Once you have coins deposited into Betfury you can use the buy box feature to earn interest on your investment at 7% over 7 days or 15% over 15 days which is quite impressive.

So far they have Cake Defi, Ziliqua DeFi, Chainlink DeFi and Chiliz DeFi.

With more to be more added soon.

Betfury decentralized sports betting – Crypto sports betting exchange

Betfury has finally introduce a decentralized sports betting platform for sports lovers.

This is an all in one crypto sports betting exchange now released in June 2021.

This has to be one of the most elite crypto sports betting sites, and one of the few betting sites that accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, BNB, BitTorrent Coin, BUSD, Dai, Dash, Doge, Ethereum, Tron, TUSD, USDC, Tether USD and any ERC-20 and BNB based token.

Looking for the best crypto betting sites UK?

Betfury is in the top 5 sites according to crypto sports betting Reddit.

With over 35 different sports to choose from the possibilities are endless on how much you can win, or lose.

Lets get into the details.

Betfury NBA Crypto Sports Betting Site

Betfury is an NBA Sports betting sites that accept Dogecoin, Enjin, Cake, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, BNB, BitTorrent Coin, BUSD, Dai, Dash, Ethereum, Tron, TUSD, USDC, Tether USD

I know that I have been looking for NBA betting Australia, though you always have to verify.

This is why I like Betfury.

This has been an epic addition to Betfury with the up and commming 2022 season of NBA, allowing new users to to bet on sports events just around the corner.

This is a crypto NBA sportsbet website that , that also supports NBA betting Philippines using crypto.

If you are new to NBA betting online, it is best to find a website that has a large social base, great support community and a wide selection of basketball games you can bet on in multiple countries.

We are unable to help with crypto NBA betting tips or NBA betting odds with your crypto bets, though keep in mind you can always search crypto sports betting reddit or forums to get the advice you need.

NBA crypto sports betting exchange
Bet on various NBA games with crypto on Betfury

On this NBA betting site for beginners, you have a ton of options for various plays such as betting on a draw, the amount of points a team scores, or even the total amount of points.

There will always be NBA betting odds on crypto, so keep in mind the fluctuations in price.

You can use the betslip on Betfury to easily select the amount you want to play on each NBA or international basketall game.

betfury crypto betting slip
Crypto sports betting exchange betting slip

This Youtube video will help you with the NBA crypto sports betting exchange on Betfury.
One of the few crypto NBA crypto sports betting exchanges where you can sign up and play.

Betfury Fifa Crypto Sports Betting Site

Betfury is an Fifa Sports betting sites that accept Dogecoin, Enjin, Cake, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, BNB, BitTorrent Coin, BUSD, Dai, Dash, Ethereum, Tron, TUSD, USDC, Tether USD

If you are a big FIFA fan either in the stadiums or whipping out your controller with your friends on the PS5 or xBox then take a look at this Betfury review on sports betting.

This is one of the few sports betting sites that accept bitcoin, dogecoin, BNB and a ton of other coins for placing sports bets on FIFA matches.

With anything like this gambling cryptocurrency coins on sports matches can be risky, you can win big and you can also lose big so always stay within your limits.

Betfury FIFA sports betting crypto.

This FIFA decentralized sports betting setup is very easy to understand and comes with all of the features you would see on a regular FIFA sports betting site, with the only difference being you can place bets with over 20 different types of crypto currencies.

If you are already into sports betting, you might have some 100 or so Dogecoin laying around.

Who is to say that Belgium VS Portugal match could not turn that 100 into 500 Dogecoin?

This IMO, is one of the best FIFA eSports bettings sites around that support crypto.

This Youtube video will help you with the FIFA crypto sports betting exchange on Betfury.

Betfury Football Crypto Sports Betting Site

This Youtube video will help you with the football crypto sports betting exchange on Betfury.

Betfury is one of the few sports betting sites that accept bitcoin.

Quote surprising isnt it?

Well, there are also more features available for gambling cryptocurrency coins.

It has a live feature with stats, video and a feed with updated odds you can place bets on.

Betfury footbal crypto sports betting supports the following countries football teams:

England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, Rwanda, Scotland, Simulated Reality League, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey Amateur, USA, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, Zambia.

Football sports betting with crypto on Betfury

I personally have enjoyed using the features on Betfury, placing bets with BNB on both teams to score, 1st half – double chance and 1st half – total while having some good wins.

I have turned 0.5 BNB into about 3.2 BNB in over 24 hours.

This can work with any cryptocurrency supported by Betfury.

Betfury Tennis Crypto Sports Betting Site

Betfury is an tennis Sports betting sites that accept Dogecoin, Enjin, Cake, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, BNB, BitTorrent Coin, BUSD, Dai, Dash, Ethereum, Tron, TUSD, USDC, Tether USD

If you have been trying to find a solution on how to bet on tennis and win, then give it a go on Betfury.

You can learn how to predict tennis matches through the intuitive interface of verious ods you can place sports bets on tennis with crypto.

If you have been using Sportsbet tennis and are tired of always having to do a credit card or bank transfer then give crypto a try.

Get to know the best tennis odds by placing arbitrage bets with crypto.

What does this actually mean?

Well when you use crypto to place bets, you can use multiple cryptocurrencies.

So for example, say you bet on both teams to win, though you use Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If Bitcoin goes up and Ethereum goes down, but you bet on both tennis teams to win, then you may have a chance to always win, no matter what.

This is a risky factor when using crypt to bet on tennis matches but it can work.

Betfury games summary

My overall summary of games on this Betfury review is that is a bit of fun to play and invest what you are willing to lose.

If you want a long term strategy for earning BFG tokens then follow the SEOBetter youtube channel and do your research.

Playing online games for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron and USDT is fun, though it can be addictive.

If you are looking for a legitimate online gaming platform where you can gamble your cryptocurrencies then give Betfury a try.

The best thing about this is you get back crypto in Betfury boxes, staking and their free Bitcoin faucet.

Thanks for reading out Betfury review on sports betting, crypto slots and everything in between.

We hope you like this Betfury review on sports betting.

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