The Definitive Ninja Forms Review – Pro’s and Con’s

We are going to give you a complete Ninja Forms review so you can get a feel for what it is and how it works.

Ninja Forms stands out from the crowd with its drag and drop features to create the ultimate form and with a few beautiful touches of CSS you can make it look like a pro made it.

Best notification bar WordPress plugin to skyrocket conversions by 23%

You may be looking for the best notification bar WordPress plugin to install on your website, as there are a few options around.

My name is Robert, and I want to share my personal experience using Optinmonster.

After generating more than $50,000 in sales by selling on my website, I decided to create this review to talk about the software that allowed me to get the most signups possible for my business on my website: Optinmonster.

60 of the best websites and digital marketing tools 2019

With many new startups launching in 2018 with the dream of changing the world we have analyzed the best digital marketing tools 2019.
2019 has seen an uprising of new applications for project management.
Helping founders organize their teams helping to launch their product with stealth.
For start up companies the path to success is not always and easy and predictable one.
With only around 30% of new tech startups succeeding into further rounds of funding.

9 WordPress PHP Snippets that will help you optimize WooCommerce

If you have no idea about WordPress code or how to edit WordPress php the best way to get started is to install a php snippets plugin so you don’t make any mistakes you might have to fix up.

Instead of editing the WordPress functions php file directly you can install this plugin from which you can copy and paste the following snippers so they will take effect.

5 Simple Tools To Boost Product Sales On Amazon In 15 Days

What am i doing wrong? If you have hit a wall, then take guidance on how to boost product sales on Amazon.

So you have an Amazon store, you have reviews, you have your product pages and you have advertising and you are still asking, “Where are all of the customers?”.

Five years ago, these primary marketing efforts to boost product sales on Amazon would have worked, even 3 years ago, they would have been sufficient.


Not so much.

So what’s different?

What’s changed?

A lot.

WebSite Auditor Review from SEOBetter

Today we are going to give you a free WebSite Auditor review, as long time supporters of this software we have seen the features gain more credibility over time to get it on a level of supremacy.

Many people have not heard about this tool, though with over 5 years of development, this is what a website auditing tool should function as.


– Provide your customers with a complete website audit worksheet
– Run a complete website content audit
– Resell your own website audit service
– Find broken links with a website functionality audit
– Fix titles and descriptions with this website technology audit

How to Go From Zero to 70,000 Page Views in 11 Weeks (Website Promotion Ideas With Little to No Budget)

Are you looking for website promotion ideas when you have no money to spend on advertising?

Anything is possible and the first step is writing a well structured blog post for your audience.

I can’t emphasize enough.

A well researched blog post with high social engagement and premium SEO keyword research can establish a lightning-fast evolution for your business or service.

With new targeted users approaching your website on a daily basis.

Here’s the deal.

It’s important that the ideas in the post consist around evergreen content (content is content that is always relevant and never dates)

We thought up, tested then disseminated this guide to help you create a fast tracked growth campaign.