60 of the best websites and digital marketing tools 2019

With many new startups launching in 2018 with the dream of changing the world we have analyzed the best digital marketing tools 2019.
2019 has seen an uprising of new applications for project management.
Helping founders organize their teams helping to launch their product with stealth.
For start up companies the path to success is not always and easy and predictable one.
With only around 30% of new tech startups succeeding into further rounds of funding.

5 Simple Tools To Boost Product Sales On Amazon In 15 Days

What am i doing wrong? If you have hit a wall, then take guidance on how to boost product sales on Amazon.

So you have an Amazon store, you have reviews, you have your product pages and you have advertising and you are still asking, “Where are all of the customers?”.

Five years ago, these primary marketing efforts to boost product sales on Amazon would have worked, even 3 years ago, they would have been sufficient.


Not so much.

So what’s different?

What’s changed?

A lot.

The 10 Best Ways To Promote Your Carousell Store

So you have just finished creating your Carousell store on your Carousell app download and you want to share your products with everyone on the marketplace.

After all, what good is a Carousell store if no one is viewing your products?

Promoting your products on the Carousell app does not have to cost you bucket loads of money, as a matter of fact it does not have to cost you anything at all.

Start a digital marketing business and offer a subscription based email marketing service

Are you asking, what is white label email marketing software?

It is software you can install on your server which allows you to send email newsletters to your customers, branded under your own company name. You want to be able to offer the best email newsletter software to your clients, while charging a monthly fee for the service.

This is a well known online marketing practice in which a product or service is produced by one company and then rebranded by another company to make it appear to be their own.