Increase traffic from New Google Algorithm Changes in minutes?



Most online entrepreneurs know by now that content is king and this phrase just became more important than ever. Google has always stressed the importance of quality original content and while many webmasters followed these guidelines, some still decided to take the easy way out and risk the odds.

Google has been under a lot of public pressure lately to deal with the endless spam and large-sized, low quality websites that seem to still be getting top spots in the search result ranks. They have finally just released another algorithm change to help combat spam websites, content scrapers and websites that in general republish previously published content.

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Add Paypal to Google Analytics PHP Snippet for eCommerce




Although Google Analytics is free, it can be tricky getting the Ecommerce section to provide you with the kind of data you need to track specific transactions. As you may know, when Ecommerce analytics work you can see things like:


  • Products purchased
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Tax
  • Shipping
  • Location
  • Order ID
  • SKU


When you have data like this, it helps in making decisions about pricing, product lines, shipping, locations to target and much more. The problem is getting this transaction data from PayPal and properly feeding it into Google Analytics. That’s what this report is going to help you do, if you are using a PHP platform.

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Magento conversion tracking analytics – Google analytics goals setup



Magento conversion tracking analytics

When it comes to magento it is a very delicate and detailed system in terms of management and editing the template code in order to achieve the right outcomes for your e-commerce store or organisation you are working for,

One of the big challanges i have come across is finding the right solution to implement google analytics into your magento web store not only on the analytics leve but also on the goal conversion and e-commerce keywords ROI investment returns.

Lets look at how to implement this.

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14 Website Traffic Analysis tools – Online software alternatives to Google Analytics



14 Website Traffic Analysis tools

If you have tried all of the SEO techniques that please the human visitors and search engine spiders to improve the traffic, here’s yet another important technique with which you can perfect you ways to generate even more traffic. Traffic analysis is a tool, which empowers you with required stats that are necessary for the improvement or perfection of your SEO and conversion techniques. Web analytics help in providing the statistics of your website and also the visitor behavior so that you could effectively change your methodology of approach and marketing techniques.

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