Apple Pay for Shopify


Shopify is one of the leading SaaS service providers for eCommerce which only recently integrates with Apple Pay which may be a viable options for some shop owners. Shopify is know as one of the most ideal approaches to make and deal with your own particular eCommerce store without placing much into the site as far as custom coding and development.

The online store stage is the full bundled option, with a store administration dashboard, exceedingly adjustable item pages, coupon codes, various payment processors and plugins. With the new introduction of Apple Pay the horizons have increased ten fold with your chance to increase sales with new customers.

Apple Pay permits clients to pay effectively and safely through your online store. With Apple Pay, your clients will have the capacity to buy from your online store utilizing Safari on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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Increase eBay sales 2014 – EBay powerseller listing optimization tips



Increase eBay sales 2014


Ebay is a MAJOR online retail store for selling products, it works in much the same way in google and there are people who make thousands per day selling products on ebay. For any online retailers there are 2 main options.


Open an e-commerce webstore and do SEO to sell products with affilaite marketing and organic results, OR use established e-commerce communities to sell products such as ebay, the core factor in both options is the factor of building traffic, with ebay you don’t need to, and the costs can be low if you are smart and follow the steps from

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Creating Mind Blowing SEO Optimized Landing Pages


seo optimized landing pages

seo optimized landing pages

Seo optimized landing pages


A seo optimized landing page is made for two main purposes

  1. Attracting visitors
  2. Making visitors proceed further

Your goal is to set your visitor in a mood to do what you expect (buy, click a link, leave a comment…)

For each site we want around 5 landing pages, each page for each of our main keywords. (I will use a Blender website for example)

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10 Tips on how to Optimize Images for Google Image Search




Optimize Images for Google Image Search

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to optimize your websites images so you get that extra boost of traffic from google image search. Images can not only make your website visually attractive: they can help you to gain more daily search engine traffic.

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Off site SEO tactics Search Engine Ranking Factors



Off site SEO tactics


Good on-site search engine optimisation techniques will provide your website with a solid base on which to build, it’s the off-site factors which will really propel it higher in the rankings. Their are a few different off-site factors which come into play when assessing the popularity of your site in the search engine results pages. Today however, we shall look at 3 of the most important. These include, the quality and the quantity of inbound links to your site, the diversity of those inbound links and the popularity of your site including the ‘bounce rate’.

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Top onsite search best practices – Ranking Factors




Top onsite search best practices

Good search engine optimization starts on your website. Without addressing the specific factors laid out in this article, then any amount of off-site optimization techniques will fail if you wish to rank your website for a specific keyword term. The most important on-site search engine optimization techniques can be broken down into 4 distinct categories which we will have a look at today. They are the title tags, keywords in body, fresh content and the age of the domain.

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Negative SEO techniques effecting your websites ranking factors



Negative SEO techniques

Search engine optimisation is a multi-layered process. Unsurprisingly, sorting out the negative SEO practices on your site is every bit as important as implementing the positive one’s. Many sites fall foul of the search engines by committing some of these common SEO faux pas; site cloaking, keyword stuffing, canonicalization and downtime of your web server. It is in your interest to make sure you don’t commit these mistakes and to rectify them if you are.


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Useful tips on how to run successful email marketing campaign



Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email undoubtedly is a powerful tool that can provide the required impetus to your online business. In fact, many serious online entrepreneurs are more inclined to reading emails than surfing the internet. Today there are a number of tools that help you in making your email marketing successful.

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