Set up Amazon Seller Account

List an Amazon Product

As a seller, the large volume of consumers on Amazon provides massive exposure on a global scale.

They have also integrated Google search and an in-depth product cataloguing system, making it easier for consumers to find your products.

As a new comer on the selling platform, the process of setting up an account may seem daunting.

To help you get started, here is a guideline of how to set up your seller account and help you start selling your products on Amazon today.



Step A: Set up Amazon Seller Account

Choose a Seller Name

The seller name is the name that will be displayed to customers when they want to buy something from your account.

If you plan to sell generic products, you can create a seller name that is different from your seller account.

If you are selling a niche brand, the brand name can act as the seller name and seller account.

This will make it easier for people who are searching for your specific brand.



Create Amazon Seller Account

You can only create one seller account for your business.

It is forbidden to maintain more than one account.


Add Professional Seller Plan ($39.99/mo)

The professional seller plan allows you to free reign to sell as many products as you want.

The plan charges a subscription fee of $39.99 a month and eliminates the $0.99 fee that is charged per item to individual sellers.

With this plan, sellers get access to 3rd party apps, tools and product data feeds to help with business administration.


Amazon Seller Central App

This is a platform that helps you market and sell your goods.

You can manage inventory, analyze sales, control orders or returns, and immediately fix critical issues that may arise.

The app also allows you to compare current prices or competing offers and respond to customer messages with customizable email templates.