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How to START and SCALE your online business – Digital marketing tutorials for beginners 2021

This is a definitive digital marketing tutorial for beginners 2021, join a subscription based online course that is consistently updated every month with new video guides.


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Do you and your customers ‘click’? Watch our tutorials and make your own decision on why a good digital marketing system is vital.

With the potential growth for any business through online marketing, the ability to manage your customers becomes much more critical irrespective of business size.

A professional, up-to-date, complete and well managed website, the right products and services, good use of SEO to draw traffic to your site, focused sales and remote customer service staff, well-functioning social accounts all allow businesses to compete with major players in the market.

Through previous courses we have talked about the potential growth from overseas markets as well as changing ethnicity demographics in local markets.

Lessons in this course focus on the use of social media marketing and the positive impact it has to any business marketing to Gen Z’s.

This comprehensive subscription covers competitive omni-channel marketing tactics and why it is so important to businesses.

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Any one of these factors presented in our lessons, when done well can have a positive effect – the cumulative effect of getting several or all of them done well can have a massive positive effect on a business.



Why you should take the online course – Digital marketing tutorial for beginners 2020

One of the problems we have observed though is that not all businesses have the back end of their business functioning well. In particular we are talking about customer relationship management, advertising and sales.

  • Do all social media accounts and equivalent number of accounts have a dollar value?
  • Can you tell what a particular industry category or sub-category is worth to your business?
  • The combined account value for all customers on a marketplace.

You may need that sales info by individual entity as well as the combined account dollar value for the entire group of platforms that you sell on.


increased sales from digital marketing


There are many other categories of data capture and reporting ability that anyone with sales management experience could add to these examples but many companies cannot segment this info quickly.

Initially, due to cost mainly purchases tended to be limited to large companies – or medium sized businesses with high growth and/or complex customer bases.

The scary thing is that there are many businesses out there that are still managing their sales accounts using Call Cards, Manilla folders or by Excel Spread Sheet.

Set up time can be another factor that puts business off setting up system that  brings in constant sales.

“How will we ever find the time, our sales teams are too busy now to take them off the road to work on the set up?.”

Think laterally about it – you could put in a few hours for a week, month, whatever at minimal cost and interruption to your business, or use one or more work experience students for even less financial outlay by following our lessons.

One of the reasons your current sales marketing process may be so inefficient is due to outdated cumbersome processes that waste time calculating data, planning sales visits, recording sales visit info, etc.



Why this is the best subscription based digital marketing tutorial for beginners 2020

We will present ideas and features of a good digital marketing plan that can really add value to the relationships you have with customers, such as:

  • Automating your email marketing process so sales can be recorded for your customers; reports run in advance, emails made by an appropriate company contact with the push for more sales.
  • Setup lead magnets types depending on the relationship they have to your business and what page they land on when they visit your website.
  • How to manage your online advertising process on multiple platforms to increase sales
  • How to sell on multiple marketplaces
  • Optimize existing and new content on your website for search engine optimization

In summary – have a regular digital marketing subscription is something that all businesses should be using, particularly if doing business on-line, and if dealing in more than one market.

It allows your business to have professional, complete up to date online marketing abilities across all areas of your business – having huge implications for your business both at an operational and strategic level.

Sign up for this digital marketing tutorial for beginners at SEOBetter if you want to learn how new digital marketing techniques could be integrated into your business – particularly if you are already doing, or contemplating doing business on-line.



Will this program work in my country?

We have had students from all over the globe. It makes no difference where you are located, we will teach you the exact tricks we use to take your business to the next level in sales.


Who is this course for?

Whether you are brand new at marketing with no entrepreneurship experience or whether you already have an online business that you are working on then you should sign up for this course. We teach you everything that you need to know about marketing your business in the correct way (search engines, social media, marketplaces and online advertising). We then we teach you the most in-depth curriculum available to deliver services and scale your online business.


I already bought a course, do I need another one?

The fact that you have made it this far means that you are still searching for knowledge that actually works – Your ability to sell, provide amazing services, scale and to be making a monthly revenue amount that makes you feel happier with your current lifestyle. We understand, you have purchase other courses – and the stuff they taught you was already seen before and you feel like you didn’t learn anything new. We have bought over $30,000 USD in courses and can say that we have segmented the best ideas and are now giving them to you starting at $30 per month! Invest if yourself and get some real guidance for your online business.


How old do I have to be to sign up for this subscription?

We have seen students become successful with their online business at any age. Teenagers who are gamers and dropshippers, stay-at-home parents, people working full time at 45 and want to start a side hustle. What ever your demographic is we will teach you new tricks and tips to be successful.


I can’t afford the program, is there anything that you can do for me?

We have lowered our monthly price to $3 per month to access all of our lessons! You can apply right here and get started today!


How much time do I need to start an online business? Can I do this while in a full time job or studying?

The subscription for this online course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course which is updated each month – you decide when you start and when you finish.


DISCLAIMER: You recognize and agree that I have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future sales or results, or that you will earn any money and that I have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. You must obtain advice on taxes (affiliate marketing taxes, sales tax, income tax, business taxes, etc.) from a tax professional. You must obtain business formation, legal and patent advice from a legal professional. I take no responsibility for any information given that falls under those categories. You accept that I am not a tax or legal professional. You must consult a legal professional for advice on these topics. I make absolutely NO guarantee of success, monetary or otherwise, and I take no responsibility for any time or money spent in relation to this course, products, advertising, my assistance, or otherwise. Only one person may access the course per purchase. If a user is seen allowing others to use his account to access the course, that person will be removed the course without a refund. You may not share this information with others not enrolled in the course. If you are found uploading these videos or sharing information anywhere else, you will be removed without refund. Results may vary. Accept that although you follow this course, you may not receive the sales or income desired. I am not responsible for your well-being or your income.


My last role was a regional sales manager at AppDynamics, previously before that i worked as a commercial account manager and even as a IT software recruitment consultant. My education is previously held at Birmingham University. Through all of this, I realized i did not want to work full time for the rest of my life. Back in 2012 I started to learn about selling products online and turning a profit. This is where my drop shipping journey began and lead me to my current lifestyle where i wake up in the morning, place orders for thousands of dollars worth of sales, have a coffee then plan the rest of my day. I made SEOBetter to teach people how they can achieve their own goals by learning dropshipping, SEO and online marketing to sell products and services online.

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