Free with A.I (Facebook video ad creator, Instagram video ad creator)

Is there a free ai video creator program online?

Yes there is and now you have subscribed to the SEOBetter subscription plan you know about it.

This video will go over how to convert text into video for free with A.I, by using a tool called Lumen5.

You probably haven’t even thought of why you would want to convert text into video or even how you can use it.

Whenever i create articles i always use this video creation platform, which from my experience is the best video content creator around right now.

This free app has epic features which will allow you to copy any chunks of content and convert text to video mp4. It works well for Facebook video ads, Instagram video ads, Snapchat, Linked-in video adds and a few others.

Once you sign up and login it will allow you to create a video text overlay, it comes with over 15 design templates and when you are logged in it will usually assign the content to the video automatically and will show you how to add text on top and bottom of a video.

This is the perfect text to video A.I program online for free, which is only one of a few automatic text to video tools available online which will out perform others with design and quality.


Add text to video online then embed it in your blog to improve viewer time on your website

Now you know how to easily convert text into video, you should use it to your advantage.

When i convert text to video mp4, I embed two or 3 videos in all of my blog posts which i have uploaded to Youtube.

This way i have a chance to keep a user on my blog page for longer by watching my videos (SEO ranking factor!)

It also works the other way as i embed the link to my blog on the Youtube video description, this sends more traffic back to my blog post.

By reading the SEOBetter blog on website promotion ideas you should be able to see some lumen5 video examples which i made with this amazing AI video creator.

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