How to remove bad backlinks with Google’s disavow links tool

Learning how to remove backlinks with Google’s disavow links tool can be an essential skill to have when shit hits the fan.

You would want to know how to remove spam backlinks which are pointing to your website in various situations.

For example a competitor is trying to out rank you for certain keywords they know they are unable to compete with.

The may hire someone to build some toxic backlinks to your website, links they know will be flagged as spam links.

The outcome would be that your website ranks will decrease while theirs will go up.

Before you start this process consult with someone who knows about SEO as you need to define a few things first.

Focus only on dofollow links.

Second, you need know what a spammy link looks like.

Using the Ahrefs backlink checker tool I can show you some examples of what a spam link looks like.


What does a spam backlink look like.


You can see sites are linking to mine from random domains names with likes like “keith urban 2015 setlist” and one is linking to my website with my domain but to a 404 URL (non existent).

I did not build these links and by having them on other sites which have the dofollow attribute back to my website, it can have a negative SEO effect.


Learn how to disavow backlinks

The first step is to setup your website with Google Webmaster tools.

From here you will need to setup your website at a domain level and URL index level.

Once you have completed this process you will be able give yourself a self taught lesson on how to disavow backlinks.


Use a bad backlinks checker such as Google Webmaster tools or Ahrefs

This video will show you the tricks and tips of disavow SEO  and how to remove toxic backlinks.

Follow the video steps and look for those toxic backlinks which have no relation to your website and are based on links you did not build.


Are you still asking, should I disavow backlinks?

First of all you don’t want to remove all of your backlinks, once you process the file there is no going back! Those backlinks are gone for good.

You need to use a backlink checker when disavowing toxic backlinks.

Use an excel sheet as a disavow tool, gather a link on all of the backlinks pointing to your websites and filter out the spammy ones.

You can also read up about this by searching for Ahrefs disavow or Semrush disavow links in Google if you need more information before delving into this drastic repair mechanism for your website.


Negative SEO Services and the new Google search console disavow system

If you are new to SEO, you probably have heard about it when you search for your website and it is no where to be found.

Don’t be too quick to jump into hiring a cheap SEO services guru.

Over the past 5 years Google has worked hard on improving the algorithm so quality sites can rank higher than sites that cheat the system.

If you need more information on optimizing your site for SEO contact us, we could talk about a monthly optimization plan and link building plan that is safe and guarantees results.

Right now, I want to only talk about Google disavow links and when you should use it.

Use this trick ONLY when you need to and if you have been hit with a spam link bomb.



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