How to start dropshipping and software requirements

In this course i go through from start to finish the detailed instructions on how to start dropshipping and how to build a dropshipping website on WordPress.

The course is also suited for people or small businesses who have a product that they want to sell on eCommerce.

Before you get started there is some software and hosting requirements that are needed.


Essential Software for dropshipping success:


  1. SEO Powersuite – Especially Rank Tracker and Website Auditor
  2. You can also get SEMRush which is a higher quality SEO tool

I use Website Auditor and Rank Tracker in these videos for keyword research and landing page optimization. This has given me more confidence over the years on my quest for dropshipping success in any niche.

I would suggest if you can to buy the professional version (they do have a 30 day free trial) it will help you gain traction on your websites SEO and content optimization.


The second thing needed for dropshipping success:

  1. Kinsta Website Hosting


In this course your website will be resource intensive. You will be pushing feeds out to multiple websites and this will show things down.

Kinsta is a high quality WordPress hosting website that will give you a free CDN and SSL certificate when you sign up.

You need a fast optimized website on the Google cloud to run an omni-channel dropshipping website.

I only want you to have the highest quality fastestest loading website.

There is no point in selling to a customer if your website takes more then 5 seconds to load!

Website speed and loading time is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT factor when selling products online and this should not be compromised when I train you in this course.

Kinsta gives you the confidence that you will be ahead of the competition with website speed and performance.


Writing content for your website

If you find you struggle with writing content for categories and products we suggest using Hire Writers

They can get the job done for you fast and it is unique, quality assured content.


Finding profitable dropshipping products to sell

There are two options for this course.

  1. We help you find a local company to dropship products to customers and teach you how to import their products into your website.
  2. You can use our support forums and chat room with help on getting your products imported into your website
  3. With both of these options we guide you with your website and help you optimize your products for SEO and conversions

You can choose to have high and low priced products on your eCommerce store.



What accounts do i need before I start this drop shipping course?

You will need to setup the following before you start this course.

  • An Amazon seller account with permission to list products (you need a business number in your country to sign up as a seller)
  • An eBay account
  • A Gmail or any email account is needed
  • A payment processing account
  • A Paypal account
  • A Coinpayments account if you want to take payments in Cryptocurrency
  • A account
  • A Kinsta WordPress hosting account
  • To sign up with some websites you will need a business number or be a registered sole trader


With your eBay account you can only list a certain amount of products if you just sign up. You will need to make 1 – 5 sales before you can increase your limits.

You will need to call or email eBay and ask for your limits to be increased so you can list more products.

After this we recommend signing up for a basic store subscription to save on fees and to get your 500 free product listings per month.



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The course is now free, just click on the sign up button then select a plan. If you need any kind of support for setting up your dropshipping site i would suggest going with a paid plan.


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