How to dropship on Amazon

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So now you have setup your Woocommerce store you must be thinking how to dropship on amazon?

We will give you the advice on how to launch your store, but in order to do this, the first step is to connect your website to the Amazon seller marketplace as an authorized app (this is how Amazon will see your website)

You need to choose a marketplace to sell on and their are a few options. You need to choose which marketplaces you want to sell on then sign up. There is an approval process, you must have a registered business and there is a month fee to sell products which is usually around $49 per month.

You can view the Amazon sellers guide which lists all of the marketplaces.

You have the following Amazon marketplaces to choose from:



Asia Pacific

Middle East:

So many people are asking – Can you dropship on Amazon?

You can. You don’t have to tell the world you are dropshipping when you sell products. All the customer should know is that you have a high quality product and you will ship it to them in the specified time frame on your Amazon sellers product listing.

When you plan to dropship on Amazon the best thing is to push products from one platform like an eCommerce store so you can manage all shipping and product stock quantities in one place.

This is essential if you are selling on multiple Amazon marketplaces.

In this dropshipping course we will show you how to connect your store to amazon and how to sell on multiple Amazon marketing places to tripped your online revenue will saving yourself time and money by spending less time on inventory management.


What is amazon drop shipping?

Amazon drop shipping is where you advertise products for sale on the Amazon marketplace but you don’t physically own the products. You don’t need to ask anyone the question “can i dropship on Amazon”. You just need to get started!

People who have taken this course have sold thousands of dollars dropshipping products on Amazon and you can do the same thing.

Here is the first video in the series which gets you started on connecting your store to the Amazon marketplace.


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