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In this lesson I go over some of the shopping comparison sites and marketplaces where you can upload your product feed to.

Here are a list of shopping comparison sites you should try out.

All of these let you start with a budget of $50 – $100.

From here you can find out what works for you as each category converts differently.

When you start start making your first few sales on your eCommerce website, put 30% of your profit back into shopping comparison website advertising.

You should put the remaining 20% of your profits into Adwords Google product listing feeds or Facebook dynamic add fees.

Keep the remaining 50% to spend on whatever you like or re invest it into other areas of you website such as building links for SEO or other advertising services.

Find what works for you and try out different websites, some will perform better then others based on what products you are selling.

Hint: If you have to put in a brand for your feed, use the brand of your website or put in “unbranded”.


Marketplaces you can sell your products on:


Australian Sellers:

  • MyDeal (There is a sign up fee involved but talk them down to a lower price)
  • Catch
  • Kogan


Fashion: Miinto (europe only)

  1. Complete the seller registration form on Miinto’s website. Be sure to register on the specific page, based on your country:


Home Decor: Houzz (worldwide)

Complete the seller registration form here.


Bonanza: All categories (USA)

There are a few options here. You can push your feed from your droppshipping store, Amazon or eBay.

I have not had the best results with this website, though it may work for you. There is no setup fees only commission per sale.

Sign up to Bonanza here


Rakuten Marketplace: All categories (USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan)

This is a very popular marketplace in Japan. You can sell list your products here and try it out as another sources of sales revenue.

Sign up to Rakuten here


Walmart Marketplace: All categories (USA)

This is one of the biggest retail stores in North America. You can list your products here for sale for extra sales revenue.

Sign up to sell on Walmart here


Fruugo Marketplace: All categories (International)

This is another high traffic marketplace where you can list your products for sale.

Sign up to Fruugo here


GPAnalysis: Comic Books (International)

Can you dropship comic books? I am sure it is possible. If you do this place is worth trying out.

Sign up to GPAnalysis here


Newegg: All categories (International sales – Based in the USA)

This is a big marketpalce which has a popularity with electronics and computer hardware. They now also have branched out into all categories

Sign up to Newegg here All categories (USA) is the premier online gift shopping resource that provides consumers with customized gift ideas for any recipient and every occasion. If you have some cool dropshipping products that can work as gift ideas then get on board. This site has a high DA and Alexa rank so you will be assured extra sales.

The demographics of this website represent a highly desirable target audience for dropshippers and eCommerce owners. With 42% of their visitors reporting a household income of $85K+ you are reaching visitors who will purchase your items and have the money to do so.

Contact Gifts and sign up as a merchant All categories (International)

This is a high traffic marketplace which is ranked one of the top 50 online retailers in the USA. They have an amazing cash back system which keeps customers coming back for more. If you get your products listed here get ready for a sales boost.

Sign up with All categories (New Zealand)

This is the biggest marketplace to sell on in NZ, if you want to sell worldwide and increase sales then try this place out. You get 50 free listings per month. You should specify where you are shipping from on your product listing pages so customers know the waiting time.

Sign up to


Submit your products to shopping comparison sites

These work differently then marketplaces. With these sites you submit your products so users can compare and shop for the best price. You pay per click though when a user clicks on your product they will be directed to your website.

Some of these shopping comparison sites work really well as these companies spend heavily on advertising to get user traffic, so you can sell a fair amount of products on these websites.

We have listed some you can sign up to and submit your feed to from your Woocommerce store.


Popular Choice: Bing Adds

Bing is a search engine run by Microsoft, it is very popular and I have sold many products by advertising here. Create a feed then get ready for submission.

Before you’re able to publish a Bing Catalog File:


Myshopping – Australia only

They have a fairly good CPC campaign and conversion rate.

Sign up here


Beslist – All categories (Netherlands)

This is a high traffic shopping comparison site for shops selling in the Netherlands.

Sign up here


Price Runner – Europe and UK (International)

PriceRunner is the shopping comparison site, helping millions of British shoppers save money. We compare everything from TVs to vacuum cleaners, tablets to tumble dryers, laptops to washing machines.

More about PriceRunner UK
More about PriceRunner FR
More about PriceRunner DE
More about PriceRunner AT
More about PriceRunner SE
More about PriceRunner DK


Price Grabber, Shopzilla, Become and Beso – All categories (USA and UK)

This is a well know shopping comparison site. You will be attaining some high quality leads when you push your products to this shopping comparison website. I have had good results here and would suggest you give it a try.

Sign up here


Kelkoo – All categories (Mainly UK and Europe but they also have a USA site)

A popular shopping comparison website allowing you to reach thousands of sellers. I would recommend this site if you are selling your products to the UK market. They also have some prominent sites in Europe with highly targeted traffic.

Sign up to Kelkoo here



Get other people to sell your products for you on an affiliate network

This may be more suited for some people and at a reasonable price point. For around $400 you can sign up to an affilaite network then offer a comission on the sales of your products.

If you have a large inventory of products then this is a highly recommended option to boost sales fast!


Share A Sale: All categories (International)

You can use the feed export plugin to submit all of your product to this website for promotion, allowing affiliate marketers to sell your products individually.

When you sign up i would suggest creating your own set of banners with or hire a graphic designer on Fiverr to do this for you.

The more ways you offer affiliate marketers to sell your products the more success you will have.

Sign up to Share A Sale here.




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