How to setup a Pinterest page for your eCommerce store

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How to setup Pinterest page for eCommerce

As the title states this video tutorial will show you how to setup a pinterest page for eCommerce.

Forget looking around for a pinterest eCommerce case study, this is fairly easy to setup and you have two basic options.

  1. A personal Pinterest page
  2. A busines Pinterest page

I went with the second option as I wanted to run Pinterest ads for eCommerce or also known as promoted pins.

This is a Pinterest ecommerce strategy that everyone should follow.


You will need these 2 plugins to automate your social media posts like in this video:

You can get some automated free posting on the free version, but the paid version has more features.

If you have an eCommerce store on WooCommerce you should be learning how to get sales from Pinterest and working out your own Pinterest traffic strategy.

This technique right here will get you around 100+ unique targeted visitors from Pinterest depending on how many products you have on your eCommerce store.

In this tutorial I also go over how to claim website on Pinterest WordPress which is essential if you want to run Pinterest ads.

I hope you enjoy this succinct “How to set up Pinterest boards” video I have created and use it to your advantage.

Pinterest traffic ecommerce techniques are quite rare and you won’t find many Pinterest Woocommerce videos around showing you how to automate this process with the Pinterest rich pins WordPress feature attached.

You may have also seen the Pinterest + tailwind traffic strategy which is quite different to this one on