Setup an eBay template for your product listings

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Setting up your first eBay template is quite easy.

It is already made and will hold all of the information that is needed.

If you want to make any major changes to your template i suggest clicking on the text tab on the top right and edit the HTML code that way.


edit your ebay product template



If you want to add any new features, use the shortcodes from the right hand column.

To change any of the colour settings use the colour settings on the right hand column.

As you an see from this example image i have added the [[product_thumbnails]] shortcode next to the main image so it shows all of my product images.

If you don’t have any coding or HTML knowledge it may be best to leave this as it is.

If you want to make edits always copy all of the code from the text tab and save it as a backup before making changes.


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