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About Lesson

In the lesson we will go over a little trick you can try to boost the sales of one product.

This works better after you have made a sale on the product. Before you get started there are some features you have turned on for your product first:

  1. Add all of the product attributes you can, the more attributes you have which are related to your product the more chances you will have to be found in search
  2. Make sure keywords are the title and description of your product. (If you need ideas for title keywords find products related to yours which are showing up in the first position which are not advertised products)
  3. Set a 2 day handling time as a maximum!
  4. Set your product to have free shipping (put the price up to compensate)
  5. Set 30 day free returns buyer or seller
  6. High quality images as many as possible
  7. No mixed content (images from a website and ebay) if you get a mixed content error message fix the issue
  8. Add a sub title if you can afford it to catch peoples eye


After you have made your first sale, use an eBay sales calculator

Figure out what you can afford to spend while still maintaining a healthy profit.

Follow the video and try it out!

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