Optinmonster exit-intent mobile plugin


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  • Integrated A/B Testing
  • Full Reporting
  • Device Targeting


  • Cant use on unlimited sites
  • Limited Page Views
  • Branded

The Optinmonster exit-intent mobile plugin works exactly the same as it would on any desktop browser.

An exit-intent pop up will show up on your screen when you scroll your mouse cursor outside of the screen area, for example to close your browser tab.

The pop up will usually give users an incentive to stay on your website such as a discount code or a sign up option to gain some freebie from the website.

Do exit intent popups work on Mobile browsers?

These do work, though they work slightly different to your normal desktop browser pop-ups.

When we look at all of the current mobile phones, they are all touch based and the exit intent has to be based on this feature.

The Optinmonster exit-intent mobile software has moved away from the “switch” between browser tabs option which is implemented with Jquery exit intent mobile coding.

In replacement of this, the Optinmonster exit-intent mobile plugin implements a scroll up trigger which usually indicates the user is ready to leave the page.

This scroll up option, in conjunction with the back button trigger is a good indication someone is going to leave your website.

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Are mobile exit browser pop ups SEO friendly?

This is a good question to ask when optimizing your website.

According to the Google webmaster blog, presenting users with popups on mobile can have a negative ranking factor towards your websites landing page.

They give two examples.

An intrusive popup and intrusive standalone interstitial.

Most websites will show a popup on mobile after 5 – 10 seconds of browsing.

Different types of mobile pop ups

The Google webmaster blog has stated that mobile pages that show intrusive interstitial provide a poorer experience to users compared to other pages which are immediately accessible.

This of course is problematic om mobile devices where a users screen is obviously smaller.

This is why the Optinmonster exit-intent mobile can be an SEO friendly option for website owners.

Optinmonster can increase email leads or offer a pop-up incentive to users on mobile.

Instead of intrusive standalone interstitial pop ups, websites that implement the Optinmonster exit-intent mobile feature will only show a popup when the user is leaving the website.

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This way you will not be showing a popup that covers the main content area.

It will show either immediately after the user navigates to a page from the search results, or while they are looking through the page.

The Optinmonster exit-intent mobile will only show a popup at the end of the mobile browser experience.

How does the Optinmonster exit-intent mobile plugin work?

The Optinmonster exit-intent mobile settings have two options to choose from.

The first is a scroll up trigger which will activate when users scroll back up the page and with the back button trigger which will activate when they are just about to leave your website.

The Optinmonster mobile popup will only show on mobile phone browsers and will be excluded on desktop browsers.

What are the benefits of Optinmonster and its Exit-Intent® Technology?

Keep in mind when look at the Optinmonster exit-intent mobile features for your website, there are more then one Optinmonster campaign types you can utilize.

Exit-intent® technology is a technology that has been developed by Optinmonster that monitors the movements of a user on your website, similar to that of a heat map.

It can predict when a visitor is planning to leave your website without making a purchase or signing up to your newsletter for further information.

Exit-Intent® Technology is designed to reduce cart abandonment and capture more leads.

Optinmonster exit-intent mobile

Optinmonster exit-intent mobile features are best used for eCommerce website owners who the majority of their conversions based on mobile users.

To help with conversions an exit popup for mobile can help reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

An exit popup can detect if a user is going to leave on the checkout page.

When this happens the Optinmonster exit-intent mobile plugin can show a targeted campaign to invite the user to a live chat, offer a discount coupon or encourage them to sign up to your newsletter.

How can I use OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology to grow my email list?

Website owners are seeing a 78% increase in email signups when they use exit-intent pop ups for mobile users.

Optinmonster exit-intent mobile technology can be used to grow your email list with through the following:

1. Download a free ebook or case study
2. Sign up for a free product trial
3. Book a free consultation call
4. Signup for your webinar
5. Offer a discount or coupon
6. Offer to share on social media for a discount

optinmonster exit intent

OptinMonster’s exit-intent popups work on WordPress, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, and basically all types of websites

Mobile Exit Popups vs Regular Popups to gain subscribers

When it comes to popups on your website, they can annoy many people unless your call to action is precise and relevant to the landing page.

You need to setup a popup so the timing is correct and it is targeted to the correct audience.

There are many benefits to using a pop on your website and these include:

  1. You can gain subscribers – Your subscribers can increase and visitors that are just browsing your website may sign up for more information if your content is well written and valuable to their ideas.
  2. It can turn loyal customers into readers, so keep in mind the content your put on your pop-ups should reflect your brand and the value they can receive by signing up.
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Mobile exit intent popups are slightly different and they will only show when a user is trying to exit your website.

This is like shouting “Hey! Come back into our store and buy right now and we will [Insert call to action here]”.

You should have seen over 100 Shopify pop up prompts or Shopify pop up discount codes by now when you are browsing your favourite eCommerce website.

A website popup can be useful when working on website promotion ideas or high traffic low conversion rates.

These can either make you want to buy or completely turn you off the website.

A Optinmonster exit-intent mobile pop up will only show when the user is about to leave, so you don’t interrupt their shopping experience.

Optinmonster exit-intent mobile

Forget your regular Shopify pop up discount free shipping prompt or Mailchimp popup Shopify 10% off code.

A mobile exit intent popup will only show when the user is reaching for the back button, as these users are prime candidates to offer a discount in order for the to stick around.

If you wanted to compare mobile exit popups vs regular popups for email capture forms or coupons we would suggest going for mobile exit intent options.

Considering more then 70% of users who visit your website will never return, being able to capture their email before they leave is extremely critical.

By using Optinmonster exit-intent mobile plugin you can covert an extra 3 – 8% of visitors to your blog post into potential paying customers.