A Shopify wheel app lures visitors to enter their email and spin the wheel to get a free gift or discount on your website.

A Shopify spin wheel email capture plugin has been know to increase email conversion rates by up to 23.5% each month according to figures from Optinmonster.

Lets talk about this Shopify spin wheel app and why you should install it on your website.

The hidden psychology of spinning a wheel or gambling, placing bets can ignite a users sense of luck, while evoking physiological and emotion response that is based on reward.

These emotion responses are ingrained in most of us already.

The deadly sin of greed, gambling and the Shopify Spin Wheel app

This one speaks for itself.

The random nature of the Shopify Spin Wheel app means any player can enjoy the chance of getting on a winning streak.

By entering their email into the Optinmoster lucky spin app, they can win a 10% off discount, and walk away no questions asked.

Optinmonster “Spin-to-Win” Coupon Wheel app for shopify

The Shopify Spin Wheel app means any player can enjoy the chance of getting on a winning streak.

The Shopify Spin Wheel app will show up when the user first visits your website.

Gambling, greed and feeling the emotion of a winning streak.

All of these go hand in hand, spending the proceeds from a winning streak is the on flow affect.

9 free giveaway ideas for your lucky spin wheel app

1. Discount coupons
2. Free shipping
3. Guides or Report PDF’s
4. Cheat-sheets
5. Resource lists
6. Video training
7. Software download free trial
8. Assessment
9. Sales brochures

lucky spin wheel app

1. Setup discount coupons on your Shopify Spin Wheel app

Setup coupons and attach them to the Optinmonster lucky spin app. Setup intervals such as 5%, 10% and so on.

The amount of the discount coupon you create should be based on how much you can sacrifice on your bottom line.

2. Setup a free shipping prize on your Shopify Spin Wheel app

This is a no brainer.

Setup the free shipping settings withing your Shopify store then connect it to the Optinmonster lucky spin app.

When a user lands on this prize, they will get the free shipping coupon code.

3. Offer a free eBook guide on a topic of your expertise

Create a free eBook using your favourite tool.

You can even gather up all of your best blog posts, do some editing and combine them into an eBook.

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When you are done, upload the guide to the net and create a download link.

When a user wins this prize they will get your eBook to download.

Be sure to include links in the guide leading back to your website or your affiliate products.

lucky spin wheel app

4. Create a cheatsheet for the Shopify Spin Wheel app

A cheatsheet is basically a mind-map or a blue print to help someone find information faster then usual.

An example of this could be a print out you hang up on the wall that has all of the shortcut keys you can use on your keyword to perform certain tasks.

A cheatsheet can help users get faster at doing certain tasks.

Here is a Max OSX keyboard shortcut cheat sheet as an example.

5. Create a resource list

A well researched resource list can save a user hours of time searching on Google.

You could curate a resource list of website URL’s that have helped you with your projects journey.

Everyone loves a well researched niche resource list.

6. Create a Video training course

Create a video and put it on a private page on your Shopify store.

This video or videos can be a great way to teach other people a new skill.

A well structured video training module can also create credibility for you and your business.

Optinmonster “Spin-to-Win” Coupon Wheel app for shopify

The Shopify Spin Wheel app means any player can enjoy the chance of getting on a winning streak.

7. Create a software download free trial

If you are a web developer you could create a small piece of software and give it away as a prize on your lucky spin app.

Something simple such as a free HTML template or plugin for another piece of software can be a significant traffic builder, calling card and point of reference for your portfolio.

8. Offer an Assessment

You can offer a free assessment as a prize.

An assessment could be reviewing a web page, resume and diet plan.

Everyone loves something for free, so get creating when creating free prizes for your Shopify Spin Wheel app.

9. Give away your Sales brochures as a prize

If you are running out of prize ideas, you can always create a sales brochure.

Round up all of the products from your Shopify store and create a PDF sales brochure.

People can store it and save it for later.

You could even print it and re use it as marketing material if you run a physical store.

Always remember that a Lucky Spin Wheel App is all apart of having fun

No one is going to make a full time living out of using the Shopify Spin Wheel app on your website.

It is there to evoke an emotional response and the stored memories of luck and randomness that dictates everyone’s life.

We all succumb to losses as well as wins.

By installing the Shopify Spin Wheel app on your website, it can fuel the envious nature of your competitors and gambling enthusiasts to do the same.

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