If you have thought about email scrapping then you have probably looked into finding an email address harvesting tool.

When you have some targeted email addresses you can use email follow up tools to try and build a relationship with potential new clients and customers.

We will give you the complete guide on the best email address harvesting tool so you can run the ultimate outreach campaign with your cold email template.

If you have started asking are people doing this, really though, just what is email scraping?

Well basically…

It is a piece of software you can use which can scan a web pages, entire websites, computers and social media pages to gather the following:

  • Email addresses
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • Instant Messenger ID numbers, such as Yahoo Messenger, AOL IM, ICQ, and MSN Messenger, Skype, Snapchat and Whats-app.

Many website owners and cold email marketers find this kind of information very useful.

It can be very frustrating finding targeted emails one by one which are actually used by people who would be interested in your service or product.

It can take hours to manually copy and paste email addresses into an excel sheet.

Fortunately there is software and chrome plugins you can use to do this job running on auto.

This is in the form of a web spider that can find contact information where the human eye is not able.

Each time the program visits a new web page, the spider finds and extracts emails, telephone and fax numbers.

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Get ready for Atomic email hunter – Email extractor software

We would have to say that Atomic email extractor is the best email extractor.

This software has been around for a 10 plus years so they have the experience and knowledge on how to do this well.

This software works like a plugin for Chrome or Firefox web browser as it exchanges all the collected data to the softwares dashboard.

If you are unhappy with your current email scraping plugins such as Hunter.io or Clearbit connect the Atomic web spider software can get you running in no time.

Unlike other email harvesting techniques, this software can search through password protected websites and even recognize decrypted email addresses.

Forget searching for a git-hub email scraper or reading emails to get paid.

Atomic email hunter is definitely worth the money and can easily get you a targeted bulk email database in under a day.

This software can save hundreds of hours for your sales employees time by collecting contact information automatically.

Learn how to use our recommended email address harvesting tool

Start by typing in your targeted keywords into the software.

From popular to least popular then Email Hunter will locate the top-positioned pages for those keywords in Google.

The catchphrase or keyword extraction feature is an exceptional and valuable element that does not exist in any other email extraction software that i have seen online.

email address harvesting tool

This email harvester will give you a variety of filter settings including:

Search for pages that contain certain words like “contact,” “about us,” “buy online”.

Scan for a particular sort of an email address e.g one with “sales@” in them

Once you change these settings you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

email address harvesting tool

They have also created an option to submit a list of websites or keywords.

This is the best way to get started so do your research first then just let the program run.

Define the list of URLs or keywords and keep the program running.

When you come back you will notice a long list of unique email addresses.

email address harvesting tool

When you run this software it will produce extracted results with the following details.

The type of contact

The contact information(e.g. phone number or email address)

email address harvesting tool

URL where the information was extracted from

Date and time of the extraction

The mailbox plugin for Atomic Email Hunter supports both POP and IMAP, with SSL support if it is required.

You can use the email address harvesting tool on multiple contact sources

The program is capable of extracting 8 contact types with each contact having a specific icon related to how it was found.

Atomic Web Spider provides the user with an opportunity to take care of of the extracted connections.

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The software log is shown during the time when you are browsing websites you want to gather emails from.

Once you have gathered a decent list of emails from your target websites you can filter out anything that is not needed.

The Atomic Web Spider email scrapping software is capable to salvaging extracted contacts into a text file or your clipboard.

In addition to this, it supports saving extracted data into the following:

  • MS Office (Word, Excel)
  • Atomic Mail Sender
  • Atomic Mail Verifier

Getting lazy? Install the email grabber chrome extension

This email extractor integrates with all major browsers including:

  • Firefox
  • IE
  • Chrome

When running the email scraper in Chrome it checks all of the visited websites and extracts as much email information as possible, keeping it in your database.

linkedin email extractor chrome

You don’t need to set up filters or have coding knowledge, the program will run on auto while you can sit back and working on your other website marketing work.

Ever had the dream of making $10,000 a month in sales for your drop shipping website.

Well how do you plan to reach out to people looking for the knowledge you are providing?

Use this Linkedin email extractor chrome plugin to reach the people who can make a different to your business.

Extract emails from Yelp, Facebook, Craigslist and Linked-in for your cold email outreach

Use can use this software to work with private groups and servers that do not provide all presented groups in search.

Places like Yelp will provide reviewer information you can target or business contact details.

extract emails from yelp

You can use this information for cold email marketing or even cold phone outreach services.

Marketing is the same either way to save time on gathering the contact details and spend more time on the talking.

Craigslist email address extractor

This software allows you to harvest email addresses from Craigslist based on the keywords and categories of your choice.

From here you can gather targeted quality contacts and customize it with the software.

It even gives you verified proof of the Craigslist email address home country so you know for sure who you are trying to target.

Craigslist email address extractor

We prefer this program to Craigslist dominator based on features and price.

The system scans for destinations that match indicated watchwords or specific keywords you are focusing on, and concentrates email addresses from these locales.

This permits you to target your intended interest group, topic or genre, for example you may be looking to extract email address from Craigslist which are related to holiday homes.

When you run the software it separates both messages and telephone numbers.

When you type in the keyword the Craigslist email extractor program will gather all email addresses and phone numbers based on that keyword and store them in the software for marketing purposes.

This can also be narrowed down to specific regions or counties.

Craigslist is a MASSIVE website with thousands of targeted leads you can use for marketing.

Once you have your list if you have segmented marketing groups based on country, the software will recognize the TLD of an extracted email address.

The software will work out from which country the email location was removed (for instance, if the email location was found on a page finishing in .com.au, the proprietor is liable to be from Australia)

Now, if you are thinking.

Can you trace a Craigslist email address?

There is no real way, a Craigslist email address is used to mask the identity of the sender.

This software does not unmask the email address, it is not a Craigslist email un-scrambler.

Linkedin email extractor

Within this software there is also a LinkedIn module to scrape emails from this massive platform for growth.

This module is created to concentrate and extract email addresses from the various communities in LinkedIn.

linkedin email extractor software

Everything you need to get users email addresses for example you can choose a specific keyword, region, company and class for the type of group or demographic you are looking to extract email addresses for.

You could also take a look at ContactOut as an alternative.

If you prefer to use chrome you can also try their Linkedin email extractor chrome extension which works very well.

Extract email addresses from Facebook groups and use it for re-marketing Facebook Adds

Are you apart of a Facebook group which you wish you could target with an email campaign?

This software is better then any Facebook email extractor chrome extension

facebook group email extractor

If you are looking for the best Facebook email scraper in 2019, then look no further.

Atomic email hunter will also work as a phone number extractor from Facebook if you want to try cold calling for creating new leads.

The best thing is that this software does not depend on any further software, unlike countless other email extractors.

Use the email address harvesting tool to extract even more email addresses!! Search your hard drive, outlook email client and compressed zip files

Did you know that your existing and old hard drives would most likely contain thousands of email addresses?

These addresses can be discovered in Program Files, the Internet browser cache, Outlook’s “personal” folder and many other places.

seobetter ebook

SEOBetter: Step-by-step How to grow your traffic to 70,000 unique visitors in 11 weeks.

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When you run the software you could find an extra 3,000 to 50,000 fresh email addresses searching your hard drive.

The mailbox extension plugin will also search programs such as:

  • Outlook
  • Outlook PST files
  • Thunderbird
  • Eduroa
  • Incredimail
  • Gmail program for Mac, Windows and Linux

This is another way to find quality email addresses you can use for marketing purposes.

Run the email address harvesting tool on your computer to extract email addresses from files on your PC.

Find old ZIP or RAR files and extract email addresses.

When you extract any details from compressed ZIP or RAR files, you will normally have to unpack them by hand.

This takes some time.

The Archive Processing plugin for Atomic Email Logger can quickly, easily and automatically extract information from all the fashionable archives files from WinZIP, WinRAR, ACE and GZ.

Information can be stored on a .TXT or .CSV file, Windows Clipboard, MS Word or MS Excel application.

Always think about confidentiality when using an email scraper online

Cold emailing anyone is a bit of a grey area.

Always take care of your identity when cold emailing and use a secure method.

The best thing about this application is that it behaves like a Chrome browser.

It’s operation is transparent both for your ISP and the website owner.

It looks like a bot with an ordinary user browsing the internet and clicking on all of a websites links.

When you start your cold email marketing campaign, what would trigger bounce rate to be high?

There are a few things that would cause your email bounce rate to have a percentage higher then average.

Most email service providers will require an email campaign bounce rate under 10% and it will be your responsibility to have a clean list with no bounced emails.

If you are scrapping emails you may not always get a legitimate email address.

You should clean your list before trying to send it or use a service which checks all email addresses before they are sent out.

This is the safest option for both you and the email service provider as it saves your IP being put on the spam list along with your sending email.

The best free email cleaner i have found online is mailtester.ninja

This free tool will help you verify email addresses deliverability (in chunks of 100 emails)

What causes my email to always end up in the spam box?

  • Check that your email addresses and CSV file are formatted correctly before importing them into your email marketing software
  • Check that your names are spelt correctly and that each email address has the correct quotation marketings on each side of the email address before importing.
  • When you import your CSV file, check the import requirements and if it uses an “ or ‘ or a , to separate fields, check these before you import your file and send.

If you are having trouble with importing your CSV or TXT file with your email address into your email marketing software, search online for a solution or download a pre made import template file and populate that with your scrapped emails.

If you list was compiled from many different sources without any kind of verification, many of the address could be void or obsolete.

Are you sending to old email addresses?

Old email addresses are usually no longer valid.

This could be that they are no longer in use or have been shut down by the owner.

These email addresses will now be unreachable, if you constantly send to these addresses your email address and IP might get flagged as spam and you wont get into peoples inboxes.

The best way around this is to stay in contact with your customers with scheduled emails telling them about your service or company.

As your bounce rate decreases and your open and click rate increases you should see a steady improvement.

You should be using a spreadsheet to filter and manage your contacts.

If you want to filter addresses by domain name you can follow the guide below.

How to sort email addresses by domain in excel, follow these steps:

Time needed: 8 minutes.

Create a duplicate of the Excel file.

Start the copy of the file and click on the column to the right of the column formulated with the email addresses.

Right click the column you just outlined and select Insert. This creates a blank column that you will require later. Duplicate this step so that there are two blank columns when you are done.

Duplicate the email ID column and paste it into the 1st blank column you just produced. (This will give you a column to sort while still protecting the original column of addresses.)

  1. Click on the column that contains the copied email addresses

  2. Click Data > Text to Columns.

  3. Select Delimited and click Next.

  4. Make sure the only box checked is Other and enter the @ symbol in the box.

  5. Click Finish.

  6. A window will pop up inquiring if you want to replace the contents of the selected cells. Pick OK.

  7. Note: The email addresses are now separated into 2 columns. The first one contains the information before the @ symbol. The second one includes the important information after the @ symbol, which is the domain.

  8. Save the file.

  9. Click Data > Sort.

  10. Choose the column title you need to sort (the one that contains the domains) and select how you want it sorted (for example A – Z).

So now you have the complete guide for an email address harvesting tool with tips for reducing your bounce rate.

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