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9 Ways To Fix High Traffic Low Conversion Rates For Under $10.

You may find that you have a high traffic low conversion situation on your website.

There is a big opportunity for online businesses is to capture the attention and interest of potential customers who view their website from social media and from here build relationships with them.

This is done through blogs and feedback mechanisms to convert the user from a follower into a customer.


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fix high traffic low conversion

The trick is to work on multiple sources of traffic, improve the copy of your page and provide video’s from people talking about your product or service.

There are significant growth opportunities that exist for any business.

Do you always hear the same questions on high traffic low conversion problems?

After you finish this article, read our guide on website promotion ideas to boost your targeted traffic.

Weekly Time Per Task: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Here are seven high traffic low conversion tips you need to follow to increase your conversion rate.

  • Get video testimonials from customers and embed them on your website

  • Get a shoutout on Instagram stories and embed them on your website

  • Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and create awareness

  • Buy snaps on Snapchat and embed them on your landing page

  • Create a podcast to gain trust in your brand

  • Create a Twitch channel and start streaming to create loyal followers

  • Create a press release and gain trust from news worthy websites

  • Find where user are clicking with the best heat map tools

  • Fix your copy and product detail page design html

high traffic low conversion motivation

You need to capitalize on these opportunities by connecting your business with social media influencers, and the cheapest option right now is Fiverr.

In a very short space of time the rise in social media has resulted in a shift in consumer behavior.

All businesses need to consider the importance of this as a part of their strategic planning and in their marketing plans.

Before we jump into the services you can purchase for $5 to fix you high traffic low conversion website, let’s take a look at some facts.

What are the top key findings about social media users in 2020

  • 62% of internet users have a presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.
  • Facebook dominates – 97% of social network users & 60% of all internet users. Used by both sexes, all age groups, with an average of 5 hours per week on the site.
  • While only 12% of social media users said they used sites to research products, 36% of these made a purchase. Of these, 73% purchased on-line.
  • There is a clear opportunity for relationship building. Users are most interested in what business can give them in the form of discounts (52%), giveaways (48%), invitations to events (47%) & product information (38%).
  • Blogs & reviews have a notable influence – 68% of purchasers reading reviews first.
  • 64% of users don’t follow brands or businesses on Twitter – suggesting marketers need better planning to connect.
  • The research indicates businesses are focused on establishing, maintaining and updating their social media presence rather than driving people to it. Social media plays a critical role in marketing and reputation management, one that is being underestimated by many brands and businesses.

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1. How to get video testimonials from customers and embed them on your website

People regularly use vide to review books, products and services.

Video is the best way to gain more valuable exposure to your person brand and to add value to the people that follow you in the business world.

You can search for video reviews or video testimonials from customers on Fiverr, each ranging from $5 and up.

fix high traffic low conversions with video testimonials
Fix high traffic low conversions with video testimonials

The benefits of having a video review on your product or service page include the ability to explain your product easily, it ads personality to your product, viewers to see someone in real time and it has he ability to be shared on social media to create greater exposure.

I have previously built many eCommerce sites with product pages having high traffic low conversion issues.

By optimizing the content and adding video testimonial reviews from Fiverr, I gained a higher sales rate for that product landing page.

2. Find where user are clicking with the best heatmap tools 2020

So a visitor just left your website.

They should have either checked out, signed up, subscribed, continued reading or converted into a customer.

Lucky orange will record everything they do, they will tell you everything they did before they left.

If you have high traffic low conversions on your website, lucky orance will deliver beautiful heatmaps showing how people interacted with your website.

You can segment heat map data by location, browser, dates, mobile users, and more.

Before we delve into the on page secrets that will fix your conversion rate, it is always good to know who your customer is, where they came from and how they interact with your website.

3. Fix your copy and product detail page design HTML

Content copy is important for converting a landing page into sales.

One spelling mistake or grammatical error can instantly turn people away

Work on quality content that converts.

From here you can update your product detail page design html.

Find a cheap, low cost entry point. If this is you and you are just starting out we recommend hire writers.

The second option is to hire high quality, experiences writters who know how to write copy that converts.

Well written product and service description pages will convert a 28% higher then a page with low quality content.

We suggest the SEOBetter Entrepreneur forum and buy content from high quality writers.

We have used these writers for over 2 years to produce content that converts our traffic into new customers.

We have only just opened up our forums so it is an ideal time to get on board.

4. Get a shoutout on Instagram story and embed it

As you should already know, Instagram stories are videos people create which are displayed on the top bar of an Instagram account.

These last for 24 hours and users who view them can tap them to send comments.

As stories are always displayed at the top of the feed screen, it means they are much more visible to the viewer, so its a great tool to make the most of it.

improve high traffic low conversions with instagram shoutouts
Embed Instagram shoutouts on your landing page to improve high traffic low conversion issues.

You can go to Fiverr and purchase a few cheap instagram stories with a shutout from influencers.

From here you can use the plugin.

Embed the stories on your product or service page to increase brand awareness.

Instagram is a winner and will be around for a very long while to come, because it is simple and people love it.

There is plenty of space to stand out wherever you prospective customers hand out online, you just need to capture their attentions to to fix your landing pages high traffic low conversion issues.

5. How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website to improve high traffic low conversion rates

Scrapbooking has long been the hobby of many so it makes sense that there is now an electronic version of the popular past time called Pinterest.

Pinning can be great fun, though it can be time consuming.

Hire someone from Fiverr to setup your account profile and pins professionally.

Get traffic from pinterest to your landing page

You can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, Amazon Store, EBay Store, or Etsy Shop

Pinterest has a user base with more than 300+ millions users/month.

You can focus on different countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Europe.

Many experts on Fiverr will offer custom pins with more TOR, recreate your brand image and will grab an image, description and title from your website to boost your product performance.

6. How do I use snapchat for business 2020 – Get snaps and embed them

You can use snapchat to easily communicate with people and receive direct responses without getting lost in their newsfeed.

You may still be thinking, “Well the login makes sense, but how can I get connected with my audience on Snapchat?”.

One of the most popular growth strategies revolves around Snapchat influencers, in which they can promote your product to their audience.

Snapchat ads can fix high traffic low conversions issues
Gain trust with a Snapchat shoutout then embed it on your landing page to fix high traffic low conversions issues.

For $5 you can order a gig which may offer some of the follow Snapchat marketing benefits.

“I will do real and Organic Snapchat promotion on my 500k snapchat audiences with your targeted niche/area, due to my large numbers of followers on Snapchat I would like to use this connection to grow your business etc.”

From here you can use those promotions on your website to increase conversions.

To embed your story on WordPress simply install and activate the Embedly plugin then paste the link to a story from Snappd such as into your post in a new paragraph and hit enter.

7. Create the best small business podcasts 2020 to gain trust

If you have $20 to invest, you can create THE best small business podcast that anyone can listen to on Spotify, ITunes or Soundcloud.

Here are some interesting facts on Podcasts and how it can help conversions on your website:

  • Sixty-four percent of podcasts are listened to on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Podcast listeners consume five shows per week on average
  • Twenty-five per cent of Americans over the age of 12 listening to a podcast in the last month.
  • There are over 1 billion subscribers on youtube alone.

First you need some equipment but it is pretty cheap.

All you need is a mic, a laptop and some free recording software such as Audacity.

Get onto Fiverr and pay a professional to setup the basics that you need.

Use Fiverr and hire someone to create an intro and outro for your podcast.

start a podcast to fix high traffic low conversion issues
Start your own podcasts and get involved with the community while building a larger user base of listeners.

Next get some artwork created or create your own on Canva.

Once you record your first audio session, connect it all together on Audacity and upload it to your Podbean website.

From here can submit your .XML feed to all of the major broadcasters such as iTunes, Spotify and iHeart Radio.

These places will pick up new episodes from your feed, so you really don’t have to do much more.

Once you have a good base of listeners you can promote your product or service to fix that terrible high traffic low conversion issue.

Last but not least, embed the podcast into your website as a play bar and let people listen to your latest episode to build up trust and rapport with your potential customers.

You can also get features on other peoples podcasts and talk about your expertise.

Plug your website and get noticed and talked about.

8. Use a Twitch channel promotion service and start streaming to build loyal followers

Creating a Twitch channel gives your business another tool to make use of in many different ways, and once you have made a couple of successful streams you will no doubt have the bug to make more.

You could be pleasantly surprised at how your customers and prospects receive your great videos.

Look back at your websites content and see how your Twitch videos can be apart of it.

By signing up to Fiverr for $5 you can get someone to promote your Twitch channel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin by blasting campaign to interested twitch users and streamers.

Once you have a few followers on your account they will get an email when you start a new stream.

use triwtch to improve high traffic low conversion
Start streaming on Twicth to build a loyal video follower base.

You can use twitch to talk about your products, interests and services.

You can also embed a twitch stream into your website so viewers can watch you in real time.

By creating a way for viewers to interact with you in real time it can fix your high traffic low conversion issues.

If you wanted to take it a step further, you can also create a Discord channel to revolve around your Twitch account.

You can then use Fiverr to purchase hire someone to do some twitch self promotion discord marketing.

This is where people will promote your twitch on various discord channels so you get viewers.

9. Buy the best press release distribution services 2020 for $5 and build trust on news sites

Fiverr has a big selection of press release providers that are willing to promote your site for a cheap price.

To get started on this, we would suggest writing up your own press release and embedding a maximum of two links.

Next head on over to Fiverr and search for “press release”.

You can choose any of the services for the best press release distribution services 2020.

A press release will get your website published on all of the major news publications, radio stations and into the inbox of the editorial teams.

If you are lucky your press release will get picked up and you will get some exposure and credibility for your website.