How to find my WIX website on google?

If you are still asking how to find my WIX website on Google.

Then you have come to the right place.

We were faced with a pressing situation.

Our clients pressing question. Why is my WIX website not working?

What they meant:

  • Why does my website not show up in google search?

After we contacted them about this issue

keyword research for wix

We had provided the initial keyword research

and segmented each keyword section into groups.

The client was blogging on a weekly basis

and we had optimized all pages for each keyword related to the business.

wix header code

Google webmaster tools had installed and still we were getting no results in the search engines picking up pages for certain keywords.

We started to wonder if WIX for business was a bad idea.

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WIX Google Analytics

We had copied the clients Google Analytics tracking code

and installed it into the WIX marketing integration section

and followed all the steps to ensure organic traffic could be tracked.

wix google

We had the same questions.

  • Why does my website not show up in google search?
  • How to find my WIX website on google?
  • Why can’t i find my WIX website on google search?

We took a brief look at the WIX Google search console

and tried to correlate user searches to related searches in Google.

We are not developers or a WIX seo wiz but we managed to find out some issues with the system.

wix seo wiz

Though after some initial SEO optimization tests

We did not see any improvement in results.

Is Google not indexing WIX? This was the question our team was facing and we had to install all of our SEO test features to find out if this was the case.

We started working on the following:

Starting at $30/mo

  • Perfect for people who want a WordPress that is Secure like Fort Knox
  • Specialization in Google Cloud Platform WordPress website hosting
  • Free migration, CDN and SSL certificates

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that takes care of all the back end optimization for your website, so it runs at an optimized speed for visitors. They have cutting edge Google Cloud servers and take WordPress hosting seriously. They specialize in high-traffic WordPress websites, if you want a safe and secure host, they are the best partner to choose.

WIX Google crawl

By installing Google Webmaster Tools you can check to see if there are any Google crawl errors.

We checked the console and there were no crawling issues from the Google bots

and the Robots.txt file was accurate and allowed the landing pages to be searchable by the Google search robots.

wix crawl status

We had come to the conclusion there was no WIX google indexing error

and we found that the WIX Google indexing header information was accurate and set in place.

Is WIX Google indexing images

By checking the crawl status on Google website tools

we found that it had some higher than average crawl status on file sizes.

wix image alt tags

It seemed the images were being index but nowhere to be found on the image search engines.

We had set all tags on all images and optimized them for resolution and file size.

WIX Google indexing issues

When working with a platform like WIX

We knew that it was more confined that running a WordPress website on optimized hosting.

We we’re starting to think that a WIX website would not crawled as well as a WordPress website.

WIX Google indexing questions

We had questions about this, why would a WIX website with SEO optimized landing pages.

High quality content and unique images did not index as well

as a WordPress or Joomla website on non over sold hosting.

overselling space on a server for wix

We assumed that each WIX website was on the same IP address

as 10,000 other websites with oversold resources.

If a small percentage of those free WIX websites were low quality

spam sites it may effect the indexing of other customers websites.

wix vs wordpress

There may also be some issues with how Google indexes each WIX website. We had no control of their system so we suggested to the client to make a switch to WordPress.

5 Tips to help WIX get found on google

  1. Add meta tag to WIX pages including title description and meta descrtiption
  2. Activate your WIX sitemap
  3. Search for SEO optimized WIX templates and install one
  4. If you dont know what your doing, hire a WIX seo expert
  5. Google for advice on WIX seo tips
  6. Write down a WIX seo plan and blog posting schedule

Do you find the WIX pricing too expensive?

If you are getting frustrated with finding a solution on how to find my WIX website on google?

The best option my be moving to WordPress and a new hosting company

In this case, the move would be quite easy

When looking at the WIX dashboard there was not any functionality

That we could not replicate on WordPress.

99% uptime for hosting

We have done some research on the best WP hosting options

That could bring in the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Bottom line?

Find a optimized WordPress hosting solution

That offered free SSL a content delivery network, amazing support and daily backups.

Can i download WIX website?

If you are looking to download a WIX website so you can convert it to WordPress this is not possible.

They are a business and they want to keep all their data.

After reading over their TOS it does look like that’s the case in terms of owning your data.

and the only way can get around this is by copying and pasting your articles.

export wix

You are unable to export WIX site, end of story.

You can still get your site on a new platform,

Copy and paste your content, menu items and SEO data then transfer WIX site to another host.

We suggest Kinsta WordPress Hosting.

They also provide a full guide on how to transfer your Wix website to Kinsta

Lets do a quick comparison of the 2 best WordPress hosts.

Kinsta vs WP Engine

We had before used WP Engine before for one of our clients and had found their services to easy to use. We thought would look into this a bit further to find the best solution for our client.

The selling point for use is that Kinsta used the Google cloud network for their network.

kinsta hosting

Why does this matter?

Lets take a look at the hard facts.

Kinsta thrives on WooCommerce

Woocommerce can demand a larger amount of server resources and cache data. By default Kinsta works for cache in that some pages that don’t need cache.

Their setup also by passes some cookies to ensure an optimized

Checkout feature for customers running this eCommerce plugin.

kinsta cache

Kinsta optimized for high traffic and concurrent users

The team at Kinsta conducted a test for high traffic websites on both platforms.

There was a significant increase in response time which continued to increase.

With errors and timeouts

After around the 5 second mark.

speed test

Keep in mind this is for websites which were receiving 5000 or more real time users

On a WordPress landing page at any given time.

If you are looking to get started first you need to transfer a domain from WIX to WordPress.

This can work from your WIX dashboard.

You can also talk to WIX customer support if you need help doing this.

Remember: once done on your site it will not be live on WIX anymore.

The wix domain transfer cost is FREE!

Can i host my wix site somewhere else?

Yes you can do this after you have saved your content on a Word doc and transferred your domain name to a new provider.

We will suggest Kinsta or WP Engine WordPress hosting, so lets take a comparison look at each company.

seobetter ebook

SEOBetter: Step-by-step How to grow your traffic to 70,000 unique visitors in 11 weeks.

Get this eBook PDF for free (RRP $9.95 on Amazon Kindle), plus new updates and thoroughly tested online marketing techniques by subscribing to my newsletter.

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Feature comparison overview – Kinsta VS WP Engine

We knew that both providers would charge you if you went over your visitor limit. When we work on a website and content promotion, sometimes things go viral and you can’t control this.

Kinsta would bill you $1 for every 1000 users over your plans limit

While WP Engine charges $2 for every extra 1000 visits to your website.

wp engine banner

This may or may not happen for our client, though planning for unplanned traffic spikes

Is something all digital marketing companies should visualize in their clients future growth.

If you are interested in WP engine you can click here

Can I export wix website to dreamweaver?

You can follow this guide by Kinsta on how to migrate your WIX website to WordPress.

From here you can use a WAMP and run a local install which you can connect to Dreamweaver.

Kinsta with the modern web developer in mind

Kinsta is developer friendly

They allow for SSH access and Git and provide Bedrock and Trellis support on all starter themes.

kinsta and git

Our developers needed a hosting platform with an easy to use staging environment

Which would allow easy push changes from staging to production.

The SSH feature on Kinsta was the added feature we needed that WP Engine did not provide.

Different versions of PHP for staging websites on WordPress

This for our developers staging server.

php version on wix

Some of the latest plugins for WordPress need different versions of PHP to function.

We needed to switch between PHP versions before we launched our site to live status.

This is a feature our team agreed

It was essential when choosing a WordPress hosting solution.

Trellis WordPress and Trellis development

Why use Kinsta over a Trellis provisioned VPS?

Because sometimes you want to pay someone else to manage the server instead of doing it yourself.

(especially if you have a lot of clients).

Kinsta also makes scaling easier without having to deal with many servers,

load balancers, and cloud uploads.

Bedrock WordPress

A lot of WordPress hosts aren’t very developer friendly and don’t offer SSH access and Composer

or WP-CLI integration which are requirements to use Trellis and Bedrock.

Kinsta’s business plans do offer these features which makes all this possible.

WIX to WordPress migration

We knew that Kinsta provided free migrations where WP Engine did not.

We made contact in regards to moving over the data from a WIX site

and we’re provided with prompt customer support.

wix transfer

Data and images transferred over.

SEO redirects were also taken care of so we had no issues with 404 errors in Google search results.

Finding a WIX SEO tutorial on transferring your website to a new host

I know this may sound simple but there are a few things you will need to complete this process.

  • Look at exporting or saving all your WIX articles and SEO
  • Find a designer who can convert your WIX theme into a WordPress theme
  • Find WordPress plugins that will do the same job as WIX functions

Is there a WIX to WordPress plugin?

There are a few out there but they charge a fee to complete the transfer process.

The best option is to follow this WIX to wordpress migration by Kinsta.

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