If you are looking for tips on how to increase eBay sales 2019 then we have come up with a set guide of tips and techniques you can use to improve your overall sales.

You need to setup your eBay business like most retailers.

Everything you in regards to your eBay products will be visible by you, your customers and your competitors.

The main priority is keeping your customers happy and meeting the eBay customer service requirements.

The most successful eBay sellers understand exactly how buyers search for products on the site.

Before you starting promotion on you products conduct some research on your competitors.

This guide will show you how to increase eBay sales 2019.

I will show you how to optimize product information, categories, item specifics and promotional techniques to be successful with the eBay algorithm 2019.

How to increase eBay sales 2019 – Get your eBay listing to the top

1. Add high quality images for your products

2. Add Gallery Plus

Cost: $0.35 or $1 for Good Til Cancelled (GTC) listings.

What you get: A larger version of your featured image which stands out in search results and attracts more buyers.

Is it worth having?

Sometimes it is worth paying extra if you sell generic items (that all look the same such as DVDs or video games) or if you sell in a competitive market. If either of those apply to you, this Upgrade is worth testing out.

Track your metrics and see if it gets more views than other listings do.

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How do i optimize my eBay title

Search for the best selling products in your category similar to you.

Rewrite your title and try and include as many keywords as possible.

Try and keep your title readable if you can.

Create a compelling title and include all of the relevant information about the product you are selling such as condition, material, gender and color.

You could also read our post on how to find low competition long tail keywords using free tools which could give you more ideas for keywords to include in your eBay product titles.

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Boost sales with an eBay promotion

Go to your sellers dashboard and click on Marketing > Promotions.

ebay promotions menu items

On the top right hand corner click on create promotion to get started.

Time needed: 1 day, 2 hours and 5 minutes.

How do i create a promotion on my eBay items

  1. Order discount

    An order discount lets you specific a discount on minimum spend, and buy one get one free. and. Try and create a store-wide sale to attract buyers at peak times with a 15% off items when more are purchased.

    order discount ebay

  2. Volume pricing

    This lets you set a cheaper price for the volume purchased. For example buy 2 items and get 5% off. Buy 3 items and get 10% off.

    volume pricing for ebay

  3. Code-less voucher

    This allows to create vouches which will be applied on checkout. This is price off the total cost and percentage off the total cost.

    ebay codeless voucher

  4. Sales event + Markdown manager

    Create a sales event and markdown the prices of your products by a percentage or price to increase your sales conversions.

    markdown manager ebay

  5. Promoted eBay listings

    This is a new pay per sale program which allows you to set a percentage of your total sale price as a trade off to be placed at the top of the listings as a sponsored listing. You can set your percentage based on recommended average or what your willing to pay per sale to be placed higher on the eBay search results.

    ebay promoted listings

How to increase eBay sales 2019 – Find the top selling items on eBay 2019

You should conduct a search on eBay to understand if there is a viable business opportunity for selling your product on the site.

How do i access a completed listings searched

Click on advanced next to the search button at the top of the eBay homepage and enter in your products keywords, check the completed listings box and click search.

ebay completed listings search

The best place to start is to conduct a completed listings search to find out how to increase eBay sales 2019.

eBay selling tips for beginners – Customer research on eBay 2019

ou can use a combination of research deductions on your own to figure out the essential features you will need to include in your product.

Look at the most successful sellers in the category you want to sell in and go through their items and write down the features that you see.

Ask yourself, why does this seller always appear at the top of the search results.

Look for the following product information:

  • Are the listings described in terms of lowest price and quality
  • If the information presented professionally and easy to readable
  • Do they offer guarantees on payment, shipping and price
  • Do they have a returns policy
  • Do they have a lot of feedback on their products from customers
  • Do they offer a best offer option
  • Do they have professional high quality images
  • Do they have a professional listing template

How to increase eBay sales 2019 by increasing product listing views – Add item specifics

item specifics search on ebay
Search for a product to find what item specifics you can use for your product listings

You can learn how to increase eBay traffic to your products by adding item specifics to all of your items.

This allows you to include relevant information about your products and remember to be as accurate as possible.

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By adding item specifics to your products you allow the customer to easily filter through thousands of eBay product search results to find exactly what they are looking for.

Item specifics depend on the category you have listed your item in.

This is very important as it helps with the overall exposure of your eBay product listing.

seobetter ebook

SEOBetter: Step-by-step How to grow your traffic to 70,000 unique visitors in 11 weeks.

Get this eBook PDF for free (RRP $9.95 on Amazon Kindle), plus new updates and thoroughly tested online marketing techniques by subscribing to my newsletter.

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How do i create eBay international shipping

When you create your product you can create international shipping rates in the shipping section of the product edit page.

It will be the next option after domestic shipping options.

This exposes your products to a worldwide audience.

ebay international shipping on products

When you set your shipping rates keep in mind customers do not want to spend to much on shipping.

eBay is a place to find cheap products for sale which can be shipped to the customer fast.

You can put your product price up and set a lower shipping rate to be more competitive.

Test your product pricing and shipping costs to find what works best and creates the most sales.

If you can offer eBay worldwide free shipping they go ahead with that option.

How do i send offers to watchers on ebay

eBay now allows you to send offers to watchers of your products in bulk. This is a time saver and it is something you should check on every few days.

Previously eBay only allowed you to send offers through private massages when customers had asked a question about your product.

ebay send offers to watchers
Click on the send offers – eligible button on your eBay listings page

Find all of your eligible products from eBay and then click on the button.

This will show you all of your listings where you can send an offer to your watchers.

This can be done through a percentage discount or through a set cash amount discount.

Optimize your time with a WordPress eBay integration

You can save time by using a WordPress Woo-commerce eBay connector plugin

This will give you the added benefit of being able to manage your product listing templates, inventory and sales through your WordPress website.

We suggest using the WP Lister eBay plugin.

The free version gives you complete control over your eBay items if you are listing them in different eBay categories.

Once you have connected the plugin you can then manage your eBay store through the Woo-commerce eBay sync plugin.

You can read our Woocommerce guide for more help on how to setup your WordPress store and website promotion ideas to help you increase your organic traffic.

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