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NFT whitelist & Our nFT presale list Disclaimer

We always make sure that the whitelist NFT we list are legitimate projects, we are not responsible for any problems or losses caused by scams or miss informational upcoming nft whitelist .

Make sure you never share your private keys and do your own research before investing your time and potential money into any NFT presale list.

The best nFT presale list calendars

We have compiled a list of the best nft on the SEOBetter nft calendars.

These include a variety of different design styles and purposes including metaverse land NFT’s and GameFi NFT’s. Be sure to bookmark this page so you’re sure to find the perfect nft calendar launch for your needs!

We will soon be releasing an nft drop tracker app on Android and IPhone so you can get the latest upcoming NFT launches on your phone.

In order to help you achieve your goals, we have created a list of the top whitelist nft on multiple blockchains.

We can assure you that SEObetter only lists the best safe whitelist nft projects.

We will list the best nft presale list discord groups which are currently running free NFT Early Access giveaways.

With any NFT giveaway you have to be quick and you have to active in that discord community to be added on list.

We suggest joining the SEOBetter discord NFT group to get in early.

Free whitelist NFT

To get a free nft whitelist presale, or non-fungible token (NFT) you should already have the knowledge and know how about how non-interchangeable tokens stored on a digital ledger.

NFT’s are assets stored on the blockchain like photos, artwork, gaming items and other types of tokenized file.

Each NFT delegation from an nft presale list will be stored on the blockchain.

This is like a history stamp of your transaction on the blockchain.

A whitelist NFT became popular in 2021 and some NFT’s such as bored ape yacht club and crypto punks have 1000x since their initial launch date.

When claiming your first NFT Early Access, you may be asking yourself why would someone give away an NFT for free?

By creating an NFT market whitelist nft on SEOBetter, artists can grow brand awareness, social followers and gain a wider exposure to their newly minter NFT’s.

This creates an incentive for new users to get involved with the best nft whitelist presale.

The nft whitelist presale on SEOBetter are popular and scarce so you need to get in early.

Using social media for a safe nft presale List

Every new upcoming nft whitelist will require you to have social media accounts.

Make sure you do your due diligence and keep your personal information private and never share your ID, bank details, address or phone number.

When you participate in a free nft whitelist presale, you will need to like, share and comment on social platforms.

Such as an NFT whitelist Twitter retweet, Facebook upcoming upcoming nft whitelist share, Discord nft giveaway and Telegram nft presale event.

After completing the steps required to get into the nft whitelist presale you can get whitelisted and ready for your first NFT collection journey.

What NFT whitelist presales do you support?

We support over 10 blockchains which support NFT minting on their blockchain.

If you would like to submit an NFT and it is not on the list below, get in contact with our support team and we will add it to the NFT submission form.


We currently support the following blockchains for upcoming nft whitelist projects

  • Enjin NFT presale list
  • Binance NFT presale list
  • Proton NFT presale list
  • Ethereum NFT whitelist nft
  • Cardano NFT presale list
  • Matic NFT presale list
  • Avalanch NFT presale list
  • Solana NFT presale list
  • Sand NFT presale list
  • WAX NFT presale list
  • Blast NFT Early Access

Whitelist NFT explained with a FAQ

How to get on a NFT presale list?

To get on an NFT presale list, take the following steps:

Investigate whether NFT projects are holding presales and visit their websites or social media outlets for presale information.

Join their group: Join the project’s social media communities on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram. This will allow you to remain up to speed on the latest presale news and developments.

Register: Once you’ve found an NFT project that interests you, sign up for their presale by following the instructions on their website or social media channels.

Purchase information: Once you’ve been included to the presale list, you’ll get information on how to buy the NFTs.

Follow the instructions attentively and finish the transaction within the window allowed.

It is crucial to realise that NFT presales may be quite competitive, and you may not always be able to get the NFTs you desire.

As a result, it’s critical to conduct your homework and be ready to move swiftly when the presale begins.

How to get on a NFT presale list?

Do you have an NFT Whitelist for TRX holders?

To see if they have a whitelist for TRX holders, certain NFT projects and creators can be contacted.

To be informed you can check with TRON’s official website or contact their customer support for more information.

Do you have an NFT Whitelist for TRX holders?

Do you have an NFT Whitelist for IOST holders?

You may get additional information through IOST’s official website or by contacting their customer service.

Do you have an NFT Whitelist for IOST holders?

Do you support an NFT Whitelist on Binance?

We suggest that you can check Binance’s official website or contact their customer support for more information.

Do you support an NFT Whitelist on Binance?

How can I find an NFT Whitelist Discord?

Are you looking for an NFT whitelist Discord server? Here are some ideas to help you locate one:

Search Google or other search engines for NFT whitelist Discord groups. To obtain relevant results, use phrases such as “NFT whitelist Discord” or “crypto whitelist Discord.”

Look into social media networks such as Twitter and Reddit. Many NFT projects and cryptocurrency groups have their own Discord channels that they may advertise on these platforms.

Join NFT and crypto-related Discord servers and seek advice. You may ask for advice on where to locate whitelist Discord groups by joining general NFT or crypto Discord servers.

Join the Discord channels of NFT and cryptocurrency influencers. Many NFT and crypto influencers have their own Discord channels where they offer information and communicate with their fans.

Keep a watch out for information about impending NFT initiatives and whitelists. Many NFT projects publish their whitelist possibilities on social media channels such as Twitter and Discord, thus following these announcements will help you identify appropriate whitelist Discord groups.

How can I find an NFT Whitelist Discord?

What is an NFT airdrop dapp?

An airdrop dapp would be an application built on top of a specific blockchain.

This would be in reference to dapps such as DeFi, NFT and Gaming.

What is an NFT airdrop dapp?

What is NFT Whitelist airdrop gas?

NFT Whitelist GAS is the fee you would pay yo mint the NFT into your wallet. NFT gas fees can range in price depending on what blockchain the NFT is on.

Minting an NFT on ethereum at the start of the year could cost up to $80 in gas fees. Other blockchains such as BSC, Polygon and Solana will have lower gas fees around 50 cents to a few dollars.

What is NFT Whitelist airdrop gas?

Can I download an NFT Whitelist hack?

We do not provide software that would be an NFT whitelist hack. We would suggest signing up and following popular twitter and discord accounts to get in early for NFT drops.

Can I download an NFT Whitelist hack?

What is an NFT minting smart contract?

An NFT minting smart contract is proof that you payed the fee to mint the NFT on the blockchain. When you mint an NFT, it is done through a smart contracts that assign ownership and manage the transferability of the NFT’s. On Ethereum this would be known as ERC-721 in which they execute code stored in smart contracts. Each blockchain will have a different smart contract standard for minting your NFT.

What is an NFT minting smart contract?

How can I get an NFT presale list alert to my email or phone?

You can sign up to the SEOBetter newsletter and also join our discord channel to get the latest NFT Early Access alerts.

How can I get an NFT presale list alert to my email or phone?

Do you have an NFT whitelist calendar?

SEOBetter NFT presales have a calendar search function to find NFT whitelist spost on specific dates. You can also sign up to our newsletter to get the latest NFT whitelist projects emailed to your weekly.

Do you have an NFT whitelist calendar?