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Paxful Review – Sign in with confidence with the Login and buy Bitcoin

We will be talking about the Login & Paxful Sign in features so you can buy Bitcoin and USDT. Learn how you can buy Bitcoin, store and exchange cryptocurrency coins and withdraw them to your personal wallet.

Lets start by looking at the Login – Paxful Sign in features.

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Website URL
Trading Name PAXFUL is a registered trademark of Paxful, Inc. Copyright © 2021 Paxful, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Paxful Inc.
Deposit Methods Fiat, Gift Cards, Online Wallets, Cash, Bank Transfer
Withdrawal Methods BTC, USDT
Currencies All international currencies
Languages English, French, Dutch, Indonesian, Russian, Chinese + 20 more

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The Login page is fairly straight forward and has some nifty authentication security measures.

Instead of using Google authenticator it has a cool slide feature, where you can slide over a puzzle piece within the picture to prove you are human.

I like this feature as it is faster then other 2nd auth requirements on websites.

Paxful login - Language selection
When you use the Paxful login you can select from over 20 languages

The Paxful Sign is available in over 20 languages, including English, French, Dutch, Indonesian, Russian, Chinese and nearly every other mainstream language.

Once you have submitted your Login credentials, you will be presented with your own unique landing page.

Scan this QR code to buy Bitcoin on Paxful
Scan this QR code to buy Bitcoin on Paxful

This will present you with various offers you can choose from in order to buy Bitcoin.

Once you have done the login you can buy Bitcoin with multiple sources of currency

As you can see from the image above, the top options are buying Bitcoin with a bank transfer, card-less cash, PayPal, PayID, Skrill and a last of all, why not buy bitcoin steam wallet gift card.

I will go over all of these options later on, though for now let’s go over some of the other features once you have completed the Paxful Sign in.

Paxful will rate your account on a level base.

Paxful login account level
Upgrade your Paxful account level

On each level you have the ability to increase the amount when you buy Bitcoin.

You can increase your limited once you have verified your ID.

To increase your confidence to buy Bitcoin with Paxful you can always check out the Paxful websites status page.

This will give you an insight on the daily wallet transactions and daily bitcoin trades each day.

Paxful also gives a summary of the website services and online status such as the login, 2FA, deposits, hedging and mobile app statuses.

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Scan this QR code to buy Bitcoin on Paxful
Scan this QR code to buy Bitcoin on Paxful

Time needed: 3 hours and 59 minutes

What are the Paxful supported countries list – How do I buy Bitcoin on Paxful in my country?

  1. Paxful Australia Login – Buy and sell Bitcoin in Australia ??

    You can buy Bitcoin instantly in Australia with Paxful Australia

    The first step is getting ready for your Paxful Sign in Australia.

    There are no fees to sign up.

    Paxful has been available in Australia for around 3 years and is a well reputable company with high reviews, garnering accolades from many of the highest financial investment companies.

    When looking for your Login Australia, you will need to consider two-factor-authentication which means you will need the Google Authenticator app on your phone, the Google gmail app or a valid mobile number.

    Once you have setup your Paxful Sign in Australia, you will have the chance to choose from 1000’s of vendors selling Bitcoin (BTC).

    There are over 300 options to buy bitcoin, and in this post I will go over each of the options available.

    The Australia Login is the best platform to acquire Bitcoin.

    buy bitcoin in Australia

  2. Paxful USA Login – Buy and sell Bitcoin in the USA ??

    Buy Bitcoin instantly in USA with Paxful USA.

    The first step is getting ready for your Paxful Sign in USA.

    Once you use the Paxful login, you can purchase BTC with some of the cheapest prices in the USA.

    Paxful is based on a marketplace seller system with thousands of reputable sellers at your fingertips.

    With Paxful USA, you can purchase coins with a bank transfer, Zelle pay, Western Union, Paypal and various gift cards.

    If you earn Bitcoin you can also sell it on Paxful as well.

    The Login is the best platform to acquire Bitcoin.

  3. Nigeria Paxful Login – Buy and Sell Bitcoin (BTC) in Nigeria ??

    You should be buying Bitcoin in Nigeria if you want to protect against the falling value of Naira and secure your future in digital currency.

    Once you have used the Nigeria Paxul login you can purchase bitcoins with any form of payment.

    Buy bitcoin with Chipper cash, Amazon gift cards, Perfect money and Bank transfers.

    The Paxful Nigeria login page has over 12,000 trusted sellers from whom you can buy Bitcoin from.

    Before you can withdraw any Bitcoin you will need to verify your identify.

    Paxful login nigeria

  4. China Paxful Login – Buy and Sell Bitcoin (BTC) in China ??

    Now you can buy Bitcoin in China with WeChat pay which is one of the most popular chat app’s in China currently in 2021.

    At the time of writing this, 500 Yuan is worth 0.00129729 BTC.

    Bitcoin is very popular in China, and users a looking for reliable ways to purchase it without being restricted by the Chinese governments great firewall.

    Since China has started to implement a new CBDC (Central bank digital currency) purchasing Bitcoin has become a tedious task if you live within China.

    Paxful provides a way for Chinese buys to acquire bitcoin.

    To get started use your Paxful login China, then verify your identity.

    From here you can use WeChat pay to purchase bitcoins or use popular gift cards from major retailers within the Chinese retail market.

    paxful login china

  5. India Paxful Login – Buy and Sell Bitcoin (BTC) in India ??

    Use your login India, and get started with the best P2P Bitcoin marketplace in India.

    You will be able to convert Indian Rupee to BTC with escrow payments and bank transfers.

    Paxful has a high level of security with 2FA using Google authenticator.

    If you prefer to purchase Bitcoin in India on your phone, once you have completed the Paxful sign-in process you can download the Paxful app (on iPhone or Android).

    Paxful allows your to purchase bitcoin in India with IMPS transfers, PayTM wallets, Google pay, In game items, PhonePE and Paypal.

    You can even use your Amazon India gift card to purchase Bitcoin once you have verified your account.

    Paxful is one the top 3 places to purchase Bitcoin in India on a unique Peer to Peer network of buyers and sellers.

    It is a secure, simple and fair platform.

    Some of the biggest problems in India revolve around money, earning it and transferring it.

    When you complete your Paxful login India, you can be apart of one of the fastest growing payment logistic platforms available currently for Indian buyers and sellers.

    paxful login india - buy bitcoin

  6. Russia Paxful Login – Buy and Sell Bitcoin (BTC) in Russia ??

    One you have completed the Russia Paxful login, you can then proceed to convert your Russian Ruble into Bitcoin.

    Paxful is one of the most trusted Bitcoin marketplaces in Russia at this time.

    It comes with a safe trading environment.

    Paxful Russia has build ties with leading blockchain companies in Mother Russia to protect users from any suspicious transactions that may be attempted.

    The Russia Paxful sign-in security measures give quality re assurance that they have your back and you have nothing to worry about when purchasing bitcoin Russia.

    Some of the top payment methods to purchase Bitcoin in Russia on Paxful include Bank transfer, debit cards, QIWI, YOOMoney, Webmoney and Payeer.

    When you need to buy Bitcoin with your YooMoney wallet or similar, Paxful makes it easy and secure to buy and hold crypto.

    paxful login russia - buy bitcoin

How to transfer money from Paxful to bank account?

Paxful allows you to purchase and sell Bitcoin. You can then withdraw bitcoin or USDT to your external wallet.

After a number of trades and provided you have a verified account, you can withdraw bitcoin from Paxful to your wallet.

The fees to withdraw Bitcoin from your Paxful wallet to an external wallet are as follows.

External Wallet$0 – $9.99 = 0.00008 BTC
$10 – $19.99 = 0.00016 BTC
$20+ = 0.0004 BTC

How to use Paxful to make money?

You can sell Bitcoin on Paxful to make money.

The great thing about this is it supports nearly every country and it is based on an open marketplace system.

You set the mark-up price you want to sell Bitcoin for.

Once you have done your Paxful sign-in you can sell bitcoin online.
Once you have completed your Paxful sign-in you can sell bitcoin online.

For example the price of Bitcoin is currently $58,000 USD.

You sell it for the price of $59,000 USD and allow users to but Bitcoin with Paypal and various forms of payment which are not available on other websites.

Once you have made the sale for a portion of Bitcoin, you can re-invest your profits back into buying more Bitcoin.

How to use Paxful app?

You can download the Paxful app for Android and iPhone.

The links for the apps are at the footer of the Paxful website.

The Paxful android and IPhone app works the same way as the website.

Paxful app
Get the Paxful iPhone app and trade on the go

It allows you trade BTC and USDT with your choice of over 400 payment methods including gift cards, cash deposits, credit cards and various online wallets from around the globe.

Payment methods available on Paxful to buy Bitcoin 2021

When you use the Paxful login, you will be presented with the open marketplace.

Select a payment method with the filter on Paxful

Use the filter to select your preferred form of payment.

There are currently over 300 methods for payment (In Australia).

You will have varied options based on the country you reside in when you use the Paxful login.

Here is the some of the most popular payment methods to buy bitcoin with.

I have only listed a few to gain your interest, sign up to Paxful to get all of the available methods.

  • Buy bitcoin with a Bank Transfer
  • Buy bitcoin with a Card-less Cash
  • Buy bitcoin with Paypal
  • Buy bitcoin with PayID
  • Buy bitcoin with Skrill
  • Buy bitcoin with a Steam Wallet Gift Card
  • Buy bitcoin with an Adidas Gift Card
  • Buy bitcoin with a AirBNB Gift Card
  • Buy bitcoin with Airline tickets
  • Buy bitcoin with Airpay
  • Buy bitcoin with an Amazon Gift Card
  • Buy bitcoin with a Best Buy Gift Card
  • Buy bitcoin with a Blizzard Gift Card
  • Buy bitcoin with cash in person
  • Buy bitcoin with a Cashiers Check
  • Buy bitcoin with a China Telecom Card
  • Buy bitcoin with a Bank Transfer
  • Buy bitcoin with a Domino’s Pizza Gift Card

The list goes on, it is quite amazing to see what people will take for Bitcoin.

With so many options you can easily scrape up a few hundred dollars in Bitcoin just with your left over gift cards you have never used.

Is Paxful legit? Let’s take a look at Paxful review reddit

Here is the first Paxful review Reddit, I have found after doing some searching on Google.

Q. Is Paxful a safe place to conduct peer to peer trades?

Asking what the community here think of the site, I’m a bit skeptical. I need some google searches but I’d appreciate more human reviews. Thanks in advance

Here are some of the answers from the community. – I used Paxful 2 times and everything was fine.

Of course you should be aware of scammers as they are everywhere. – Paxful has better reviews compare to others. I’ve experimented with most platforms but these days I use Paxful more often due to convenience. – I think it’s worth a shot. I’ve been on it for months and no problems so far. – Paxful is a relatively safe place to do peer-to-peer bitcoin trading. Not because there are no scammers, but because their customer support is responsive and trade moderators are really good with their job.

I once entered into a trade chat with a phisher and reported to the support team. Moderator was swift to confirm that the link was a phishing site and immediately suspended the trader.

Based on these Paxful Reddit reviews which are over 2 years old, we can conclude that Paxful is a safe and secure platform for buying and selling Bitcoin.

Just to be sure on if Paxful is legit, can we look at Paxful review Quora?

After searching Quora for Paxful reviews, I found the following post.

The basic consensus is that you have the choice to buy Bitcoin from a company or from your peers.

Paxful is a proven safe platform for buying and selling Bitcoin between peers, with Paxful being the middle man.

The adds an added level of security similar to an escrow service.

If you need to buy Bitcoin with a particular payment method that is not available on mainstream website such as Binance, Coinjar, Bitquick,, Coinmama or YoBit then Paxful is the place to go.