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Buy Medium claps online for a fraction of the price.

Medium is a free blogging platform that allows writers to generate revenue for their content. If users like an article on Medium that can give it a “clap” to show approval.

When you buy Medium claps, you will gain more credibility and higher exposure within the internal promotion algorithm on Medium.

The more medium claps you purchase for your articles, the more exposure and props you will gain from readers.

Why should you purchase medium claps from SEOBetter?

  • A high quality service from real people
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Why buy our Medium Claps and FAQ’s.

Should I buy medium followers or medium claps?

Medium followers will come as your article gets found with more claps. The more medium claps you buy for your article the higher chance you will have to gaining followers and getting features on Medium.


Is there a Medium clap bot?

We have no knowledge of a Medium clap bot, though I am sure there is a few out there. It is safer and easier to purchase medium claps then to run a bot which may be harder to manage and riskier to your account.


How much does it cost to get Medium claps?

We have a set price in increments of 1000 claps. You can purchase as many as you like and that will reflect the price.


Can you help with medium stories?

At this time we cant offer this as a one stop purchase, you can contact our support team for custom services.


Whats better, Medium fans vs claps?

We would suggest to purchase Medium claps first, then work on growing your Medium fan base. The more your post on Medium and the more claps you assign to each of your article increases your chance of growing fans and your revenue.


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