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If you are launching your next big idea, you can buy Producthunt upvotes to give your start-up a higher amount of targeted traffic.

29% of startups fail due to lack of interest and a low sign up user base.

If you can boost your initial offering on Producthunt, you have a higher chance of getting featured.

When you buy Producthunt upvotes from SEOBetter, you will be guaranteed the following:

  1. A high quality service with real people up-voting your service or software
  2. No logins are required, we do all of the manual work
  3. We provide cheap Producthunt upvotes which are 100% safe, private and have a no drop guarantee
  4. Purchase unlimited Product hunt upvotes based on your requirements
  5. 24/7 Customer Support

And much more…

If you need to launch on Producthunt, the only way you will get noticed is with up-votes.

If your product can get a consistent number of up-votes, you will get onto the featured product list, which is sent out to millions of email subscribers each month.

By investing a little bit of money into your Product hunt launch you can expect a significant level of growth in a shorter amount of time.


When I buy Producthunt upvotes FAQ

Are there any risks in buying Producthunt Upvotes?

No there is no risk, many startups with a high budget for launch will buy Product Hunt Upvotes to get featured by media outlets like TechCrunch or Business Insider. In a nut shell you won’t get noticed without upvotes.

Where do the Upvotes come from?

The Upvotes would come from a variety of high product hunt users. When we get notified about a product we send out a newsletter to all of our product hunt users telling them about your product. They will then up-vote it.

Can I split the Upvotes between multiple Product Hunt Upvotes?

Not at this time, we can only accept upvotes for one product. You can purchase multiple orders for other producthunt URL’s.

What are the Buying Options?

We are accepting Paypal, Cryptocurrency (over 30 different types) and credit card.


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