Keyword Research & Monitoring Competitors Rankings SEO Software Download


Tracking Multiple Results For Keyword & Matching keywords to landing pages

If your site counts on Google and Yahoo! positioning for visitors and sales, your search engine rankings are tied straight to your bottom line. That’s why you will need to keep a close eye on your rankings to make certain you’re near the top at all times.

Today with competitor tracking! Track and compare rankings of up to 5 websites at the moment

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All About Commencing Your Reciprocal Links Campaign



Reciprocal Links Campaign for SEO

A very usual yet efficient link-building tip is trading links with companies offering information or products attuned to your own. Such sites should not be your direct competition but rather be complementary. However, it may not be as easy as it sounds. One, who is familiar with the concept and the extent of link building, knows well about plethora of strategic linking and partnering opportunities available in the medium. A number of ways are present to select companies who are well in sync with your targeted traffic while concurrently improving your link popularity and rankings:

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Use software for SEO Links Packages to charge your clients


SEO Links Packages software download

How it works

We provide the software for your to get high quality permanent links to increase your search engine rankings which leads to increase ROI, leads and profit for your website.

Handle the work of creating one-way backlinks

With out link building quality methodology we will build the required backlinks for your website giving you targeted increase traffic, which leads to increase leads, which leads to increased income! The Software link building techniques are unmatched, once complete you will receive a report on the links built.

Social Media Marketing & Link Building

Real link value comes from attaining high quality linkable content in front of as many relevant webmasters, bloggers and social networking websites as possible. With our link building software we disseminate your links across a wide range of social media websites for MAXIMUM exposure and google page rank. It will network on appropriate social media sites within relevant subcategories, focus on creating high quality and unique content designed to spread naturally through these social media websites. It will also submit your content to get in front of webmasters and provide natural links to your content through our social media marketing techniques.
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Is Directory Submission Still Effective for SEO?



Search engine optimization tools have advanced in very significant ways in the past years and directory submission is one of the tools used in the early stages of developing effective ways to improve a websites ranking on search lists. The major players in the search engine industry are Yahoo, Google, Bing and Alta Vista in which the most prominent one being Google generates majority of traffic to most websites. To know more about the effectiveness of directory submitter it is best to go back and know more about how these types of software work. Continue reading “Is Directory Submission Still Effective for SEO?” »

10 Tips on how to Optimize Images for Google Image Search




Optimize Images for Google Image Search

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to optimize your websites images so you get that extra boost of traffic from google image search. Images can not only make your website visually attractive: they can help you to gain more daily search engine traffic.

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The role of Youtube social media marketing



Youtube social media marketing

Youtube is very well understood as a website for videos by every internet user. However, most do not realize that it really is a search engine where you can market the products with ease. Businesses that had an early understanding about the importance of video marketing have gained immensely by utilizing the services of Youtube. Video marketing is supposed to be the next generation internet marketing. As of now over 25% of the web traffic to businesses come from Youtube.

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Tips and targeted traffic guide for your twitter social media strategy



Tips and guide for your twitter social media strategy

Social media marketing has become the buzz word of today’s internet marketing. Twitter is one of the fantastic social media sites where you can create your web page to promote your products and services. Like in any other hot spots twitter too is filled with scam and it requires good efforts to make yourself popular. To prove that you are genuine, you need to start right from the themes of the page. Use customized themes that keep you stand out of the crowd that uses redundant ready made themes.

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Google Adwords pay per click basics and guide



Google Adwords pay per click basics and guide

Pay per click (PPC) is a popular marketing strategy used by website owners to promote their products and services through other websites and search engines. In PPC the advertiser pays the publisher for every click on the ad placed in their websites. While search engines offer these ad programs through bidding individual website owners usually offer it for a fixed price per click. This is a very popular method to drive targeted traffic to new websites which has just begun its SEO processes.

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14 Website Traffic Analysis tools – Online software alternatives to Google Analytics



14 Website Traffic Analysis tools

If you have tried all of the SEO techniques that please the human visitors and search engine spiders to improve the traffic, here’s yet another important technique with which you can perfect you ways to generate even more traffic. Traffic analysis is a tool, which empowers you with required stats that are necessary for the improvement or perfection of your SEO and conversion techniques. Web analytics help in providing the statistics of your website and also the visitor behavior so that you could effectively change your methodology of approach and marketing techniques.

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