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How To Use Triberr For Content Marketing – A Triberr Review

So you want to promote your content on a budget, then take a quick glance at this Triberr review.

Many people have been talking about Tiberr Instagram engagement, though we focused more on the article promotion tools.

As a company as long as you can create a plan in advance for your content marketing and can attack quickly with authentically you should be able to establish a strong brand reputation in the face of any social media marketing challenge.

I am going to cover one experiment I focused on for content marketing and the platform i tried out is called Triberr.

Triberr is a platform that lets you discover great content and at the same time you can create and join tribes in which you can utilize this content sharing feature.

triberr review

To get started on Triberr you need to have some well structured well written content on your website so you can increase your Triberr engagement.

If you want to publish your content on Triberr, they will restrict the opening window to a few weeks so any content published before their cutoff date will not be able to be added.

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This is one of the perks to getting triberr engagagement for free.

Before you use this content marketing tool be ready to listen to conversations about your company on social media and be ready to respond to questions that are not directly aimed at you.

Triberr allows you to connect your social media profiles so any content that is shared can be tracked with hashtags or your social handle.

Get ready to become apart of these conversations and get involved in the community related to your company.

The desired result from content marketing is to start a buzz about your company, to spread the word on social media platforms.

How to use Triberr

This complete guide will show you how to use Triberr to promote your blog posts to the community.

How to use Triberr – Setup your account for increased Triberr engagement

When you sign up to Triberr you will have to setup your account and find tribes you are interested in to join.

I would suggest adding the URL’s of your social media profiles and filling in your bio just so it shows the community you are a real company or person.

setup triberr account

How to use Triberr – Connect a WordPress feed

If you are running WordPress you should connect your blog to the Triberr platform with the following plugin:

This WordPress plugin will immediately send posts to Triberr without having to constantly crawl your websites RSS feed.

Once you are joined it tribes, this plugin will push your latest posts to your Tribe mates in their tribal stream.

This will save you time and will increase the chances of your posts being shared by Triberr groups.

The more groups you join on the Triberr platform, the better chance you have to get articles shared by the tribes you have joined.

triberr account details

How to use Triberr – Create a Tribe

When you have joined Triberr you should create a few tribes based around your own interests.

This allows you to create a community in which you can share other peoples articles.

By sharing and promotion other peoples articles withing triberr you may have a better chance to have your own articles accept and shared by tribe owners.

create triberr tribes

How to use Tribber – Join tribes

You will need to join tribes related to your websites niche in order to get your articles shared.

Use the search function and find tribes that are based around your website interest.

Click on the Triberr menu and start searching for genres of interest.

Click request to join tribe for the groups you are interested in.

explore triberr tribes

How to use Triberr – Connect your blog feed to tribes and request promotions

Once you have been accepted into a tribe you can request promotion from the tribe leader.

As your RSS feed is already connected to your account your articles will be promoted automatically on each tribe you are associated with.

explore triberr tribes

How to use Triberr – Triberr pricing for paid content promotion

Here had already had original stats from free promotion i gained by joining tribes and asking them to promote my content.

I started to look at Triberr pricing – Paid vs Free Promotion

So i decided I would try out the paid promotion on Triberr.

The paid selection has two options.

For $5 you can have your article promoted or the tribes you are apart of.

For $15 you can have your article promoted in your current tribes, tribes which may be relevant and also pushed out on the Triberr newsletter.

Before i started i had already joined a few tribes and had some view stats already attached to my article as you can see from the image below.

Here are the statistic after I had finished the paid promotion for the article which lasted for seven days.

I did see my article sent out on their newsletter during the time i had paid for promotion.

I would have thought that tribes subscriber base would have been over 1 million easily.

After i ran this article I took a look at my google analytics account and had no extra spikes in traffic or any referrals from Tiber. As you can see here are the stats.

After paying for a promotion and look at my analytics stats i had no increase in traffic or shares which was not what was reflected on the Triberr statistics page, this is slightly confusing unless the stats are faked by the Triberr platform.

explore triberr tribes

seobetter ebook

SEOBetter: Step-by-step How to grow your traffic to 70,000 unique visitors in 11 weeks.

Get this eBook PDF for free (RRP $9.95 on Amazon Kindle), plus new updates and thoroughly tested online marketing techniques by subscribing to my newsletter.

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Triberr engagement – A Conclusion

This service looks promising.

At the time of writing this I was accepted into around 5 tribes and had my articles shared by each one.

As i post more articles on my blog, everything is going to be set on automatic with Triberr.

From the following picture you can see I had my article shared on Triberr and had my article features on the global newsletter.

I found myself asking is Triberr legit?

The promotion email ended up in my Gmail promotions folder, none the less it should have a massive audience and i expected massive traffic.

triberr newsletter

Here is my Triberr stats from my promotion.

583 clicks over 7 days.

Triberr paid promotion stats

After this i thought i would take a look at my Google Analytics statistics.

To really dissect these statistics i would say that Triberr engagement and stats are based internally and not on clicks you get to your website.

I will be logging in again to request promotions with more tribes to see if i get accepted for free.

This could be a great source of free traffic one you have set everything up and connected your feed.

I would not go with the $15 paid version again.

If anyone else has used this service it would be great to hear your feedback over a longer testing period.

If you need more ideas read our website promotion ideas post.