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How to Go From Zero to 70,000 Page Views in 11 Weeks (Website Promotion Ideas With Little to No Budget)

Are you looking for website promotion ideas when you have no money to spend on advertising?

Anything is possible and the first step is writing a well structured blog post for your audience.

I can’t emphasize enough.

A well researched blog post with high social engagement and premium SEO keyword research can establish a lightning-fast evolution for your business or service.

With new targeted users approaching your website on a daily basis.

Here’s the deal.

It’s important that the ideas in the post consist around evergreen content (content is content that is always relevant and never dates)

We thought up, tested then disseminated this guide to help you create a fast tracked growth campaign.

This post organizes the most effective and secretly popular social media and content marketing tools into 8 categories.

In each sub section, you’ll find tips that cover the main strategy for each particular tool.

Although the tips are setup so you can isolate each one, you will get the most value from this guide if you read and bookmark each tip so you can work on each guide.

Once you read all of the sections you will be equipped with the tools and information to create, market and monetize your blog post.

This guide will also inform you on how much time per week you should dedicated to each of the tasks to help you manage your time commitment.

Above all, even if your progress is slow, keep on going.

The best and most successful social media content marketing campaigns are built up consistently over time which allows your brand’s message to spread evenly among the audience you are connecting with.

TL;DR; Have an automated remarketing campaign for your website and social content. Use – Once you have reel short form video content, push it out to over 10 social media platforms with your own schedule.

Even though there are thousands of specific ways to enhance your content marketing ideas using social media, non of them will be effective if you don’t have a solid strategy.

When you start to think like a ruthless marketing beast, you’ll recognize the need to have goals and motivation for your entire campaign.

By working in unison, you will increase the overall effectiveness from each channel.

You will need at least 1 high quality blog post to implement this guide.

Here are some extra guides:

Growth hacking

How can you actually use this guide for website promotion ideas?

No matter what tools you’re using, you will be able to manage this strategy more effectively by assigning a “social media wiz” who will assume ownership of the social media function of your business.

Website Promotion Ideas with social media

No matter how big or small your company is, you should be tracking your investment.

Defining what this return is and what you want to track will depend on the goal of your social media marketing campaign.

The easiest way to make sure you persevere with your content marketing campaign is to build it into your daily work tasks.

hard work beats talent

For example, you or your internal social media guru could spend a certain amount of time each day or even every few days to tend to the campaign.

This could mean answering more Quora questions, using Helium10 to find relative keywords and writing new articles, creating and uploading more videos or posting your content in new Facebook groups.

Spending a regular amount of time on your social media campaign also helps you monitor your brands reputation online.

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How to promote a new website on social media

A blog post that lends itself to being shared easily because it is interesting or helpful has the chance to go viral in nature with the right tools.

So what does a viral post look like?

There is no single answer to this, sometimes your ideas on you post will “just stick” with a wider audience, you may be the first blogger to talk about a hot topic that spreads like wildfire, or you have a tutorial that everyone wants to learn.

The best way to start is by working on a blog post schedule.

You should be focused on long tail keyword research with free tools for your posts.

The best social media marketing tools 2024

1. How to share trending content with free social media marketing tools –

If you are looking for free social media management tools be sure to try out.

If your blog is new it will not have built up any credibility through social media signals and inbound links.

For example if you do a search on, Technorati or Buzzsumo on a topic related to your posts, you will find that the popular posts are showing up higher on Google search engines while your posts are not.

You can gain traffic by sharing highly popular blog posts with

By sharing a link with users will be presented with a scrolling float bar with a link back to your website.

Think of it as free advertising as users will think your website is associated with the link you shared.

Users who click your link will often end up clicking through to your blog afterwards.

Sharing links from other blog networks allows you to get indirect search engine traffic to your blog.

Website Promotion Ideas with linkedin and sniply

What is – Social media networks you can connect to

5 recommended social networks you can use with

  1. and Buffer

    Buffer is a scheduling software to post on various social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram. It allows you to write a bunch of posts at one time, and choose which social profiles to send them to.

  2. and Hootsuite

    Use Hootsuite to manage your social media campaigns. It can be a crucial part of your social media campaigns success allowing you to tweak your campaigns in response to knowing whats giving you a return on investment.

  3. and Facebook

    Add your facebook page or group to systematically post new content to these marketing segments.

  4. Sniply and Twitter

    Schedule regular tweets and add value to the Twitter community by sharing relevant. Use sniply to convert your followers to customers and subscribers.

  5. Sniply and Linkedin

    Connect your Linkedin account to sniply to provide your audience with well researched content while also gaining the opportunity to earn conversions.

Snipply also connects with:

SocialPilot, Edgar, Sprout Social, Post Planner,, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Weber, Active Campaign, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, Salesforce, Sendible, Feedly and many more applications.

You can also download the chrome extension

When you can share your post on Twitter, reach out to people with the @tag in your post.

Website Promotion Ideas with twitter
How to increase your Twitter engagement rate

1. Tweets with custom graphics achieved more engagement than those with photos, getting an average of 15 likes and 8 retweets

2. Tweets with 4 emojis got higher engagement levels than those with 0 – 3

3. The optimum number of hashtags is 2 per tweet

4. Tweets with 2 hashtags got an average of 11 likes and 7 retweets

5. Tweets tagging other accounts had an average of 13 likes and 6 retweets

6. 61% of tweets with handles got one or more replies

Suggested Monthly Time Commitment:

One Time, 4 – 5 hours per week finding 100+ highly liked articles to schedule for posting on Hootsuite or Buffer.

2. How to increase your social shares count

Buy social shares with Quu Promote

We refer to this as a company’s best option to reach out on social media.

Quuupromote Website

If you don’t reach enough of the right people, you can’t ever hope to turn social media into a significant source of sales, or new hires, or partnership inquiries, or brochure requests…or whatever outcome it is that you would like social media to deliver for your business.

Quu Promote helps your content turn heads!

Select your plan and get ready to submit your content.

Your blog post will be shared by influential people on their social media accounts.

Your content will be shared for 30 days on thousands of highly influential accounts from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.

When structuring your read more introduction, think about what would make you click on this link.

Gain more shares from Quuu influencers with these post structuring tips

  • Ask a question
  • Including an attention-grabbing statistic
  • Share an interesting or inspiring quote
  • Include numbers or percentages
  • Addressing the reader directly
  • Demonstrating the functional benefit with a “how to” title
  • Communicate the value to the reader
  • Entice curiosity
  • Spark emotion
  • Point to a functional need

If you are stuck for ideas on creating a title you can use these 2 sites:

web promotion ideas - choose a social media category

From here on Quu Promote select the most relevant category to share your tweets on.

The more targeted your category the higher rate of engagement you will receive.

By using this tool you should will see hundreds of shares on your article multiplied by an onslaught of retweets and likes.

Expect thousands of new customers to your blog post.

Suggested Monthly Time Commitment:

One Time – 1 hour to create your quuu promoted post.

3. How to convert content into video to build traffic on Youtube

Use Lumen5 and A.I generated video’s

You can also use the following in 2024 – 2025 to make video content with A.I actors.

Pipio – Video AI actors can promote ANYTHING. I use this every week, use text or audio (yes audio from any person in the world) be careful.

Before you can start thinking about uploading content to a video sharing site, you need to have a good video.

Above all, your videos should be interesting enough for people to watch it and share it.

Copy and paste you blog or product descriptions into Lumen5 and the artificial intelligence system will help you summarize the content and match each scene with relevant videos, photos, and music.

Lumen5 supports the following video formats:

  • Facebook newsfeed and stories
  • Instagram video and stories
  • Twitter timeline
  • Snapchat story
  • Linkedin Newsfeed
  • Pinterest promotional video
  • 16:9 (landscape), 9:6 (vertical), 1:1 (square)

Types of product videos you can create with Lumen5

  • Product how to’s – Create videos as user manuals that explain how products work and how to best use them
  • Answers to Questions – Answer common questions asked by your customers then use your videos to illustrate the answers
  • Customer Testimonials – Upload videos of a set of customer testimonials with information about your product or service
  • Personal Messages – Create video new product updates or news about your company

Depending on the length of your post and other content on your website you can get creative and curate as many videos as you like.

The longer a user watches your video the higher it will be ranked.

Here is a video I made in 5 minutes.

What is Youtube SEO – Tips for increasing video views

Create a catchy click worth title (refer to the previous section on how to write a title in Quu Promote)

Try and use the entire character amount designated in the description text box field.

Research the best tags to use on your video by installing.

Start looking at videos related to yours with a high view count.

Upload your video to first with your title, description and tags.

Copy over come content from your blog and paste it into the description area, be sure to place a link back to your website at the top.

Upload your video to other video hosting sites.

Rewrite your title and the description but keep the same tags.

Alternative video hosting sites you can upload too

  • (join groups and select them when uploading and submitting your video)

Suggested Monthly Time Commitment:

Assign 8 hours a week to video creation from your blog posts.

Assign 4 hours a week to uploading videos, writing descriptions and researching tags.

4. How to get traffic from Quora – Answer Quora questions

Quora is like the millennial version of Yahoo answers for us oldies.

You may start to think.

I am no expert, I don’t have time to answer questions.

This may be true but the best thing about Quora is you can copy and paste content from your blog posts.

To get started sign up to Quora.

The main thing you need to focus on is creating a unique profile with a link back to your website and creating high quality answers that get voted to the top.

Create your profile, put a face image and put in your education statistics like you would on Facebook.

Set your interests and start answering questions.

Quora will send you question in your inbox you can answer everyday.

Once you gain some followers and some top voted answers you can expect some stead traffic every day.

Keep an eye out for quora questions with most followers.

The best think about Quora is that it shows up at the top of Google search for many queries people are asking about such as the “how to” and Q & A topics.

seobetter ebook

SEOBetter: Step-by-step How to grow your traffic to 70,000 unique visitors in 11 weeks.

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5. How to get traffic from Reddit

Reddit is rated one of the highest traffic websites globally on the internet sitting in a top 10 spot for the USA and top 20 worldwide.

This guide will show you how to promote on Reddit.

Reddit consist of sub Reddit’s in which Redditor’s will create groups pertaining around a certain interest in which people can join to share ideas and build communities.

To get started, sign up for a Reddit account.

Before you can start to try and promote on Reddit you need to increase your Karma.

I would suggest joining groups you are interested in and leaving comments to gain some up-votes.

I often browse Reddit for website promotion ideas, marketing and startup apps.

Aim to get a Karma level above 2000 before you can get started.

Plug: Join r/thesidehustle and leave a post or comment for free karma

How to get karma on Reddit

  • Find a highly up-voted post on Reddit, search for the highest up-voted comment then reply to the comment with your link or opinion
  • Give something away for free and ask Reddit users to test it out and give feedback
  • Start your own Subreddit and promote it through comments on other Subreddit’s

You need to learn how to post on Reddit, if there is any hint of self promotion or marketing prepare to get downvoted fast.

People on Reddit don’t want to get sold in any form.

Commercial promotion is frowned upon so you need to work out your own formula to become a Reddit marketing pro.

6. How to get traffic from Facebook groups

Search for the most active Facebook groups

Do you own a Facebook account?

One way to get massive tracking to your blog post is through Facebook groups.

When you are trying to promote a blog post, search for best Facebook groups to join related to the topic you are writing about.

When you are accepted into the groups, copy your blog post URL and paste it into the comments section.

Ask the group for website promotion ideas and feedback on your post.

By trial and error consistently post and work with the best Facebook group engagement.

By joining over 50 groups and publishing to each one you can expect over 5000 unique targeted visitors to each blog post you promote.

7. How to share an article on Linkedin groups

Still looking for website promotion ideas?

Linkedin is a gold mine for traffic.

If you have a Linkedin profile start by searching for groups related to the blog posts you are writing about.

Once you have been accepted into the groups, publish your blog post to the groups and ask for feedback on what you have written.

You can expect 1000 – 5000 unique visits to each blog post you promote.

There is a maximum amount of groups you can join.

If you find you share a post and it does not get any traction, leave the group and join another group which has a higher Linkedin engagement rate.

How do i create a Slideshare for Linkedin

Do you have some high quality blog posts with juicy unique content?

You can reformat that into a PowerPoint slide which you can publish on Slideshare.

This may not bring to much traffic but the chances are it will be embedded into other peoples posts and websites.

We have used slideshare to promote this post on web promotion ideas and it has already been shared by 50 Linkedin users.

8. How to create an eBook lead magnet from your blog post

When you have a website with some quality blog posts, why not recreate these into eBooks and reach a bigger market?

The first step is to sign up for this tool:

Login to your account and select what type of eBook you want to create.

web promotion ideas with a lead magnet

You can select to import your blog post URL.

convert a blog post to ebook

Choose a theme design.

website promotion ideas with an ebook

Create links back to your website and blog post within the eBook.

Be sure to include a table of contents, author introduction and an outro with links to your website and social media pages.

At the end of the process this tool lets you create a lead capture form you can embed into your website.

connect your lead magnet to your email provider

The tool will create a form connected to your email provider which you can then use as a lead magnet.

How do i create a eBook lead magnet funnel?

A lead magnet is a process where you ask someone for their email address in order to download something such as a checklist, resource guide or eBook.

You will need to create a lead capture form within a pop up or embed the form into a squeeze page on your website.

You can easily do this with by select lead magnet from the menu.

lead magnet pop up design for website promotion ideas

If you don’t want to sign up for this tool there are many free tools that will convert a blog post to a PDF.

Search in Google “blog post to pdf free tool”

Beacon just makes things easier.

Now to promote your eBook.

Use the lead magnet form and embed it in all of the other blog posts on your website.

Users can now download your eBook in exchange for their email address.

What are the best eBook publishing platforms?

There are some amazing sites where you can publish your eBook.

Why not tell the world about your own web promotion ideas.

The top platforms i have found include:

I have found success by selling my eBook on Amazon for 2.99.

You can also release it for free on other platforms just to gain some traction and back-links.

9. How to translate your website into different languages

According to Babbel the 10 most spoken languages in the world are as followed:

  1. Chinese
  2. Spanish
  3. English
  4. Hindi
  5. Arabic
  6. Portuguese
  7. Bengali
  8. Russia
  9. Japanese
  10. Punjabi

As you can see, English is not the most used language in the world right now.

If you want to gain that extra traffic, why not hire someone to translate your blog post into another language?

If you are selling a product that does not have language requirements and can used worldwide, take advantage of the opportunity.

If you are using WordPress we suggest using the following tool to translate your website.

WPML language translation


If you are looking for professional translation agencies:

A full list of language translation service providers

Most companies charge translation rates per page.

The more languages you translate it into the more traffic you will gain to your blog post or landing page.

How to improve website loading speed

Website speed optimization test

In Google Analytics you may see your post has an extremely high bounce rate.

One thing you need to check is your site speed.

On average a user will wait 1 – 2 seconds for a site to load, if it does not load in this time they will leave.

To check your websites speed we would suggest the following:

You can follow our previous guide to improve the speed of your WordPress website

On any website platform you should be using a CDN a cache plugin and CSS compression.

You need to be prepared for high traffic and concurrent users, which is going to use high amounts of bandwidth and server resources.

Bottom line?

You need a high quality web hosting company that can handle traffic spikes for your web promotion ideas.

Why does this matter?

If your sites gets those maximum hits, 500 users at a time, when you are on shared hosting, your site will slow down or even crash. This can make your business look unprofessional. You have now lost your chance for new clients.

kinsta wordpress hosting

For WordPress users, we would suggest Kinsta as a web hosting solution.

As a second choice for WordPress hosting we would suggest WP Engine.

If you are reading this guide and you are not using WordPress find a managed VPS that can allocate resources to your website, take a look at this company which provides dedicated VPS solutions.

We only recommend the premium hosting solutions for our readers.


If you have a blogging schedule and you can apply these website promotion ideas every time you release new post.

If you can create a well structured post every 2 weeks based on long tail keyword research then apply these steps, I can guarantee you will gain more then 70000 unique page views in 11 weeks.

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