When you are searching for an opt-in content locker for WordPress.

You will have to decide on a few options to restrict your content.

Social share to unlock, subscribe by email to unlock or pay for a monthly membership to unlock content.

Here is how most people start searching for a opt-in content locker for WordPress.

Search Google or the WordPress repository.

Find a plugin that may work, this is a plugin that you know nothing about.

Install it on your WordPress website.

Spend an hour testing it.

After 2 hours, realize the plugin may not meet your requirements.

Rinse and repeat with another plugin.

Why not save hours of of your time?

Follow our guide on the best opt-in content lockers for WordPress.

The best opt-in content lockers for WordPress to increase email subscriptions

Hands down, this is Optinmonster’s content lock plugin

This is a plugin that will give users two options for content locking features.

  • Blurred text: Text will be blurred below the cut off point with the option to subscribe to view the content.
  • Removal: All of the text is completely removed below the block of point.

This is a similar feature you will see on major news publication websites.

This is also known as a paywall feature.

Optinmonster supports email sign ups to un-lock content.

opt-in content locker for wordpress

If you have a website with high quality content you may wish to capitalize on it.

If you have put in hours of work on an article that is more then 2000 words, then a opt-in content locker for WordPress could be the best option for increasing your websites revenue.

The 3 best Worpress paywall plugins 2021

Email subscription to unlock conent – Optinmonster

Monthly subscription payment to unlock content – PMPro

Share on social media to unlock content – Social locker

How to make money with an opt-in content locker for WordPress

Content locking can come into play when you are offering something of value for free.

This could be an eBook, playbook, checklist or guide (video or content).

For example this eBook from SEOBetter.

seobetter ebook

SEOBetter: Step-by-step How to grow your traffic to 70,000 unique visitors in 11 weeks.

Get this eBook PDF for free (RRP $9.95 on Amazon Kindle), plus new updates and thoroughly tested online marketing techniques by subscribing to my newsletter.

sign up with facebook

You can also sign up to our newsletter with Facebook (quicker and easier)

For instance, say I am writing this article and I want to content lock it.

If you sign up, you can unlock the content and get a free eBook in the process.

Would you do it?

I also have the option of locking content and asking for a payment in order to send your eBook.

This is a bit of a gamble on your behalf.

On one hand, I want people reading my content and clicking on links.

On the other hand, if I have a following, I can lock it out from my fan base and ask for a payment to access the hours of writing I have put in.

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The best 3 products you can offer for as a content lock include:

  • eBooks
  • Video guides
  • Audiobooks

If you are thinking, “how can I even write an eBook?”.

It is fairly easy, all you need is a Word document program.

There are free office suites like Libreoffice which is stock standard for any linux OS.

From here you need to make it look presentable.

For a PDF eBook we recommend beacon, you can read our website promotion ideas post which gives you a tutorial on how to use it.

The second free option is iBooks author if you run a Mac.

This will let you create an eBook in the iPub format which you can use on other platforms such as iTunes and Kobo and the popular Smashwords.

How I made $20,000 a month with a WordPress paywall membership website

There are two main reasons you would want to create a WordPress paywall membership website.

  1. To increase your user base
  2. To protect your content from being republished without your permission.

If you are looking to increase your subscription email list, then Optinmonster is the best option in this scenario.

making money with a opt-in content locker for WordPress

If you want to protect your content then I recommend PMPro.

I built my site with PMPro, which is a WordPress paywall membership plugin.

I knew that i needed solid hosting, so I purchased Kinsta which will safe guard me from traffic spike outages.

Here is the over all process.

  1. Install the base WordPress software.
  2. Find a hot topic in your niche using Google trends or write about a topic of interest. Get a niche you like
  3. Use SEMRush or SEOPowersuite and make five to eight blog categories reflecting your niche topic.
  4. Hire someone from Fiverr or write one – three pieces of content each week ranging between 1500 – 3000 words.
  5. Interlink each article on your website
  6. Optimize your website for free and use a plugin such as PMPro or Ninja forms to gather leads
  7. Sign up to Shareasale, Google Adwords and get ads published on your website.
  8. Install Google search console on your site and watch for articles that are getting organic traffic without back-links
  9. Go back and update and add more content to articles that are already trending
  10. Use SEOPowersuite’s link assistant and build links to your articles with blogger outreach.
  11. Read out post on high traffic low conversion rates to fix articles that are not ranking.
  12. Rinse and repeat every month.

This is a succinct summary.

Keep in mind that writing content and building a website takes a lot of work.

It can take 6 – 12 months of hard work before you get that much needed passive income.

I would also say keep your side hustles diverse.

Build one website, then put some time and effort into other hustles.

This could be growing your Facebook or Reddit group, learn drop shipping with a free dropshipping course, take an Amazon FBA course, start trading cypto on Coinjar or learn about print on demand selling.

The list goes on.

Work on it every week then you will see results in 6 months at a minimum.

Time needed: 8 hours and 12 minutes.

FAQ, How to create a paywall website on WordPress?

  1. Download the Paid Membership Pro plugin for WordPress

    You will need to download PMPro and install the plugin on your WordPress website.

    Download the Paid Membership Pro plugin for WordPress

  2. Assign the correct pages to each of the steps for the subscription process

    Go the the settings area of the PMPro plugin. Assign the correct pages to each step of the subscription process for the plugin.

    Assign the correct pages to each of the steps for the subscription process

  3. Create tiered levels for your membership processing

    You will need to create membership levels for your website. Each level will have a different entry price point with added features as the price increases. Differentiate each level with extra perks to entice users to sign up at a higher price per month.

    Create tiered levels for your membership processing

  4. Create categories and restrict blog posts

    Next edit the membership levels via the “Memberships” admin page. At the bottom of the Add/Edit Membership Level screen you will see a section titled “Content Settings”. Check the boxes for each category that level is allowed to view. You can also use the “Require Membership” box to toggle access for an individual posts. From here assign content restrictions to each membership level setup on PMPro. This allows you to control access for each active membership level you have previously created.

    Create categories and restrict blog posts

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What is the best WordPress paywall theme?

opt-in content locker for wordpress

When using PMPro the best themes are provided on their website.

Each of the membership level pages come with the needed CSS styling to provide a slick presentation.

When you sign up for PMPro you will also get over 120 extra plugins to grow your website.

Some of the main ones include extra Paypal integrations, Zapier integrations, Buddypress integration, user manager and 100+ more WordPress paywall plugins 2021.

The best free WordPress content locker plugin

In all of our articles we always offer free version options so you can give it a test run.

From our experience the free versions is always very minimal and will not offer the functionality that you need.

Most of the time you will need to pay extra for a payment gateway or the most obviously needed feature.

Content locker from Mythemeshop gives you the option to lock content, unless it is shared by users on their social media accounts.

This will bring visitors from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram so you can boost social signals.

This is the same type of plugin that lets you hide content unless it is shared on a users social media accounts.

Ask people to pay with a like or tweet to get access to your content.

They can even watch a video, view and advertisement to get access.

It supports Facebook likes and Twitter tweets.

Conclusion on a opt-in content locker for WordPress

Many of the free opt-in content locker for WordPress only support social media shares.

If you want an opt-in content locker for WordPress plugin that supports various payment processors with added features then you will need to look at purchasing a paid plugin such as PMPro.

There is no other option, as people are not going to give away so much value in a plugin for free.

It is very affordable.

If you want to lock content and grow your email subscription base then Optinmonster is the best option.

With over 50 integrations and extra plugins you get more then just an opt-in content locker for WordPress, you get an entire suite of products to grow your online business.