SEOBetter – SEO Keyword Research Services




We are now offering SEO keyword research services to our customers. The reason being, many online entrepreneurs understand the concept of SEO and writing articles.

This is a complete package for keyword research in 2020.

So if you’re looking for:

More traffic.

More leads.

More sales.

Then you’ll love the keyword research methodology in this new service from SEOBetter.


The methodology behind the SEOBetter keyword research services package

Keywords are the beacon for search engine campaigns: They tell you whether you are making progress.

As a bonus a well researched article can better help you understand your target audience. Our keyword research service package focuses on long tail keywords + LSI keywords so you can structure your article with the exact words and phrases people use when they search in Google.

keyword research services


Keyword research tips

When you write your body of keywords, use 3 – 4 phrases that get a decent amount of search volume with a low competition score. We usually aim for 100 – 500 searches per month for new websites with a low DA score.

Integrate your LSI keywords into the body of your content.

Use the information gathered on your spreadsheet from our keyword research agency and place our selected keywords into the sub headers of your article. These would also be know as long tail keywords.

When using long tail keyword they may contain 4 – 6 words within the phrase. These may not get a lot of search volume, though if you use them in your sub headings and can write and optimize the proceeding paragraph, you have a higher chance to gather all of the search traffic.

Long tail keywords are very important for keyword research services as they make up the majority of searches online.


Our guaranteed keyword research services price

We keep our price to a minimum. When you purchase our service you will be given a spreadsheet with a primary keywords and secondary long tail keywords for your sub headings.

Our team will work with you so that your article is published correctly and optimized for SEO with the correct HTML markup and image optimization techniques.

We will go that extra mile to make sure that your article ranks and is presented with a higher SEO score.