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You should buy Disqus upvotes if you have a link or comment that deserves more exposure.

Many websites with over 1 million unique visitors a month will use Disqus as a comment plugin to keep spam comments out of the websites database.

Many of the most popular websites on the net will use Disqus to manage comments.

If you want premium exposure for your link in the comments section of a high traffic blog, you need to buy Disqus upvotes.


Discus comment FAQ

Why should I buy Disqus upvotes?

SEObetter disqus upvotes will push your comment or reply to the top of the Discus comment section. This higher your comment goes, this more exposure you will gain. Comments are a decisive factor to swing opinions in your favor.

Many people will read a blog post, then read the comments to  get valued feedback.

If your comment has the most upvotes, you will get the most clicks.

What websites use Disqus?

Many high traffic websites with high DA, use the Disqus platform. The reason being is it filters out spam and requires less management.

If a website with Disqus installed has hundreds of thousands of viewers each month, your comment will gain premium authority if it is at the top of each blog posts comment section.

How do I find websites that use Disqus comments?

This is fairly easy.

First go to Google and use the following code:

“blog comments powered by Disqus” + “my keyword”

You need to replace the my keyword text with your own keyword.

Filter through Google and find the most popular blogs that use Disqus.

If you want to increase traffic to your link by over 35% a month, you need to commend on these blog posts then upvote your own upvote.

This is a secret tip that no one is talking about when it comes to growth hacking link traffic.

The best thing is all comments on Disqus are “nofollow” so it will not affect your SEO.


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    Purchasing high-quality, genuine upvotes from trustworthy companies might be costly. These guys did a good job, fast delivery and my comment is now at the top of a political blog post debate

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