Maka-Bros Elrond | Whitelist NFT

Maka-Bros Elrond | Whitelist NFT

Maka-Bros Elrond | Whitelist NFT

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1) THE GREAT BEGINNING The project begins, a team has been recruited and the first ideas start to be created, starting from the concept up to the cardinal objectives of the brand. We want to create a proactive community that has a fundamental role on decisions. Maka-Bros will be to all intents and purposes a brand that will go beyond the concept of single collectibles, it will have a usefulness purpose not only in the digital world but also in real life. We are here to stay for a long time!

2) COMMUNICATION ROUTES Creation of the Twitter and Telegram channel followed by Discord server. First contacts with the most renowned marketplaces of the Elrond Blockchain and first marketing strategies for the growth of the project. We want to find the best solution to launch the project, so we will select the best strategic partner for the minting. Updates will follow!

3) WHITELIST AND PRESALE On this occasion the first actual investors of the project will be selected according to the merit obtained. The “Contest” will be launched through a dedicated platform where we will give the opportunity to become part of the project before everyone else and at a reduced price, welcome pre-salers!

4) FIRST CHAPTER AND MINTING In agreement with the artist is created the first collection :

MAKA-BROS CHAPTER 1. The first NFTs to be launched will be a total of 4, with a limited edition of 1000 copies divided into different rarities, the minting will take place for all with a fixed price of 0.5 EGLD with the possibility of finding in different percentages all 4 collectibles available. Resell minimum price will be 1 EGLD.

5) AIRDROP FOR THE BELIEVERS Anyone who has completed the first collection will be eligible for a guaranteed airdrop, in fact they will receive an exclusive promotional NFT that only those who have completed this step can get. We encourage with this method to create real holders who will follow us step by step towards our goals, we think that creating a bond between people is more important than just earning money. We can do both!

6) CHAPTER 2 AND NFT LAUNCHPAD Once the first chapter will be completely sold, in addition to the programming of chapter 2 will be started in parallel the creation of our NFT Launchpad where we will have the opportunity to welcome the best artists who want to collaborate with us: we will present MAKA-PAD, a platform where we can aim to win together, with mutual support and sharing of ideas with the aim of creating new spectacular collections to present to you.

7) PARTNERSHIPS AND INVOLMENT The MAKA-BROS brand will be the launching pad for collaborations with international artists and high caliber NFT projects, we want to maintain a high standard of the quality of our products, ensuring the community that every move we make is shared and approved. We have a lot of characters to present, a lot of inspiration and a lot of desire to get involved with the best investors and influencers!

8) MERCHANDISING Following the involvement and the creation of a solid community we want to introduce MAKA-SHOP, the first official online store of the brand. We plan to offer you unusual items, with graphics to scream, proposing design objects, clothing and much more with the unique flavor of the inimitable style of Maka-Bros. We’ll see a lot here!

9) 3D AND METAVERSE We will engage the best 3D modelers to become part of the Metaverse,we plan to transport you not only in the house, but in many other places where only the real Maka-Bros can set foot, 3D environments to customize as desired with many objects and characters to collect… followed by collaborations where our NFTs will play a fundamental role in this virtual world with benifits for the holders. Remember what CZ said: IF YOU CAN’T HOLD, YOU WON’T BE RICH!

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