5 Simple Tools To Boost Product Sales On Amazon In 15 Days

What am i doing wrong? If you have hit a wall, then take guidance on how to boost product sales on Amazon.

So you have an Amazon store, you have reviews, you have your product pages and you have advertising and you are still asking, “Where are all of the customers?”.

Five years ago, these primary marketing efforts to boost product sales on Amazon would have worked, even 3 years ago, they would have been sufficient.


Not so much.

So what’s different?

What’s changed?

A lot.

The way you sell on Amazon has changed dramatically and you may believe me when i say this, but for those with the right skill set and attitude to technology, it’s for the better.

Only the people with the right knowledge survive on Amazon nowadays, but it’s never been cheaper, easier or faster to work out how to be good at what you do by harnessing the tools and technology that can make you those 6 figures you have been dreaming about.

This topic on how to boost product sales on Amazon will give people like you and me the tools needed to create a product sell and to help us achieve our person sales goals selling products through Amazon FBA.


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What is the best Amazon marketing strategy 2020

The SEOBetter Amazon FBA course provides a 5 step process for you to follow when building your Amazon FBA business.

This course roadmap will provide signposts for what to look for, what roads to take, what shortcuts to follow and what tools to use so you can avoid dead end roads.

Each lesson in this course contains topics that will cover different aspects on your journey to boost product sales on Amazon.

amazon fba course
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This course is best watched start to finish.

But you can dip in and out at any time.

Everyone will be at different stages on their Amazon marketplaces sales ratio, so take what’s right for you and leave what’s not.

If you are looking for the ultimate strategy playbook for launching your product on Amazon, then building and growing your business, this course will get you there faster.

If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life.

That starts with changing the way you think and what you believe is possible.

So what are your set beliefs to build your Amazon FBA business?

What mindset is needed to be an entrepreneur selling products on Amazon?

1. Trust your crazy ideas – successful people back their own judgement, listen to there inner voice and persist in the face of criticism.

2. Get started – successful people start small, they can pivot quickly and are very hands on

3. They have a depth of vision – They analyze what the trends are and will look further ahead then most people, some may even think their vision is slightly crazy.

4. Know how to solve a business problem – They know why a customer will buy their product and the revenue growth that will underpin the transaction.

5. They know what business they are in – The know the secrets to operate the process of selling on Amazon and who their competitors are.

What mindset is needed to be an entrepreneur selling products on Amazon?

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Boost product sales on Amazon with the best Amazon SEO tools on Helium10

After 15 years in this business I have finally stumbled upon a powerful tool that instantly reveals an unmet need, and along with a never ending supply of unique product ideas and the search terms people use to find them.

This tool taps into a “demand mentality” that allows you to pull the collective unconscious of unmet demand with supply and to provide a product idea that no-one has ever thought of.

With this simple Amazon tool you can access a never-ending supply of unique, profitable and sustainable business ideas.

helium10 amazon seller tools

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It sounds ridiculously simple but it works.

Entrepreneurs have used this simple yet powerful tool to come up with world-class disruptive products to sell on the Amazon marketplace.

Question: Wouldn’t it be great if..

We could search for the highest selling products on Amazon and find what keywords they are using to achieve this?

What am I?: Helium10

Question: Wouldn’t it be great if..

There was an application that told us what keywords we needed to put onto our Amazon product listing so we can meet the demands of customers.

What am I?: Helium10

Question: Wouldn’t it be great if..

There was an application that helped me compare Amazon products so I could find the most profitable product ideas?

What am I?: Helium10

Question: Wouldn’t it be great if..

There was a browser based application that helped me calculate the cost and profit of selling a product on Amazon?

What am I?: Helium10

Boost Product Sales On Amazon

These questions don’t just help uncover new product ideas.

It helps entrepreneurs uncover new product marketing ideas and resolve long standing demand problems on the Amazon marketplace.

So let’s do a recap on why Helium10 is the best tool to boost product sales on Amazon

  • This premium tool will materialize your crazy idea
  • Helium10 gives you access to leading technology to boost product sales on Amazon
  • Provides you with a depth of vision
  • It shows you a point of difference that is meaningful to the customers
  • Displays the product idea that solves a problems
  • Directs you to the product problem that needs solving

Now what?

You need to breath life into your idea and get your business of the ground.

After all we know ideas are a dime a dozen.

It is the timing, tools and execution that matters.

This is where most entrepreneurs fall down.

Helium10 gives you the know how and confidence to manifest your idea and make it reality.

What’s an alternative? Junglescout – Amazon seller analytics software to boost Amazon traffic

Junglescout is another Amazon tool that will help you launch your crazy product idea.

Don’t discount your crazy idea, just because others say it is crazy.

Junglescout is an Amazon seller analytics software that will help you boost Amazon traffic by giving you a point of difference.

Use Junglescout To Boost Product Sales On Amazon

You won’t have to reinvent the wheel as it gives you something to offer that sets you apart from the competition.

When choosing a tool to help you boost product sales on Amazon, make sure you get it right.

You will find that you have competitors that you didn’t anticipate or prepare for.

Jungle scout can help you choose your product idea carefully.

As an entrepreneur, you are going to live and breath Amazon sales for years to come.

Use Junglescount To Boost Product Sales On Amazon

It will dominate your thoughts and cost you tens, maybe hundreds or thousands of dollars, so it is best that you don’t rush into the first idea you come up with.

In the old days on the internet, fortunes were made with just a good idea and a slick product.

Today that is not the case as there are thousands of products competing with you.

Here are 10 ways Junglescout can help you boost product sales on Amazon

1. Use Junglescout to find how much traffic the top ranking competitive sites are getting.
2. Check what is trending on Amazon by typing in any keyword and it will show you the search volume and if it is increasing or decreasing for that product.
3. Search Amazon for how many books are being sold on the Kindle based on a topic. (Yes you can use it for publishing kindle books on Amazon KDP)
4. Find out what categories are HOT, you can type in any keyword and it will show you the most search for items
5. Check out what people are talking about by viewing reviews and trends
6. Share your idea with the community on Junglescout and see what kind of reaction you get
7. Find out what products your customers are buying on Amazon
8. Check the engagement levels of your Amazon product listings
9. Check out whats selling the most on Amazon in each category
10. Search products by ASIN to reveal winning keywords and search trends.

Junglescout will help you boost product sales on Amazon by forcing you develop an MVP so you can get your product to the market quicker.

Junglescout’s tools will get your idea, turn it into a product so that other people can look at, touch and experience what you have to offer.

There is only one way to build a business on Amazon.

And that is one customer at a time.

In other words you need one customer to validate your product idea and using Junglescout will increase your chances of finding that first customer.

We recommend Junglescount so join now and get 30% off the monthly price.

Learn how to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA 2020

For many reasons, selling a product on Amazon is harder than it used to be. Knowing what to sell on amazon for beginners is the key here.

Yes, you have access to the best tools and courses both of which make it easier that it used to be to be successful.

But for every successful product, there is a counter trend making it harder to succeed.

  • For example you are competing with thousands of other products on Amazon
  • If you are not high up in the Amazon search term ranking you will struggle to get your products noticed
  • If you don’t pay for advertising your products may fail to be seen
  • People are savvier, in addition they can do research themselves, they are not fooled so much by glossy advertising
  • People are lest trusting, in other words they need more information before they make a purchase

how to increase sales on amazon fba

For these reasons, in other words it is more difficult than ever to market your product on Amazon.

Product marketing on Amazon requires skill, focus, application and knowledge.

You need to set out the difference between two ore more products, and by searching wholesale websites for sales trends you can make up your own mind on what you need to sell on Amazon.

The best 5 websites to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA 2020

By searching through the best sellers on these websites, it will help you create a product idea quickly with exhausting yourself or blowing your budget.

Irrespective of what you sell, product sales statistics is king.

Search through these websites and categories, above all filter by sales, read reviews then find your winning profitable product.

time is running out

Now you have found a product, what is next?

Can you decide if your product need will build awareness, inspire purchases or something else?

Display a piece of content and imagery for your new Amazon FBA product?

The type of content you create will be driven by what you’d like to achieve.

This amazing tool called Awario can help you achieve all of this by monitoring social media websites.

Awario social media monitoring

If you want to generate awareness of your product on Amazon you should be analyzing social media reports on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and other major social media platforms.

If your customers are in the decision making stage of the buying process, they will be talking and reading up on products through social media.

You can use Awario as a filter to read and respond to social media messages.

Use this tool to research your idea, after that use it again to market your product to the same people.

How to increase sales on Amazon FBA – reprice your products with Splitly

You need to keep competitive on Amazon as consumers are savvier and have instant access to price comparison sites and reviews.

Welcome to Splitly the Amazon re-pricer based on A.I

Use Splitly A/B testing to increase Amazon sales

When you have an Amazon product for sale, in conclusion the headline and image can be the pill that fixes the consumers problem.

Now you have the consumers interest, you need to pick a good price point that reflects the problem that your target market has.

Splitly uses AI formulas to help you creating pricing strategies more quickly to get better results.

When your product starts making consistent sales, above all you need to choose your price point carefully.

It is like a marriage, easy to get into; harder to get out of.

Take your Amazon product pricing strategy as the “mothership”.

Therefore have all of your other sales aspirations based around it when trying to boost product sales on Amazon.