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Learn How To Earn BAT With Brave And The Publisher Program For Free Today

You can now learn how to earn BAT with Brave (a new browser that is faster then Chrome and Firefox), sign up for the Brave publisher program and register your websites and social accounts so people who also use the Brave browser can tip you and send you BAT tokens for free.

BAT is a cryptocurrency that you can earn for free by watching ads.

These ads are will slide on your browser asking you if you would like to view a website.

If you click and say yes, the new website will open up in a tab and BAT tokens will be deposited into your browsers wallet.

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The only way you can current earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) is with Brave browser rewards and the Brave publisher program.

Brave is an open-source free browser you can download on Mac, Windows, Linux, IPhone and Android.

As a Brave creator and by using the Brave browser download for free, you can expect to make over $100 in BAT tokens a month if you have a website or social media channel that has traffic and followers.

Visit the Brave browser website

What are the best 10 free ways to earn BAT with Brave?

1. Get the Brave browser download
2. Join the Brave publisher program
3. Add your website to the Brave publisher program
4. Connect your Youtube Channel and earn BAT
5. Connect your Twitch Profile and earn BAT
6. Connect your Twitter page and earn BAT
7. Connect your Reddit user account and earn BAT
8. Connect your Vimeo account and earn BAT
9. Connect your Github account and earn BAT
10. Create a public Brave publisher tips page

brave browser wallet and brave rewards

How do I get the Brave browser download on desktop and mobile

If you are trying to find out how to earn BAT with brave, then the first step is to download the brave browser.

I have always been a Firefox fan, though I had heard about Brave and BAT tokens do I downloaded it to test it out.

I never went back to it until I had an issue with WordPress and Firefox, my browser would freeze when I tried editing a 5000 word article in Gutenberg.

I have used the Brave browser ever since.

Brave is 3x to 6x faster than Chrome and Firefox when loading websites, it has been noted that it loads three times as fast out of the box.

When you browse with Brave you will be prompted with a slide in asking you if you want to visit a website.

earn BAT by viewing brave ads
Earn BAT by accepting to view ads in the browser.

From here you will earn BAT (Basic attention tokens) which you can automatically distribute to other websites that you frequently visit or setup an automatic tipping schedule in your browser at the end of each month.

brave publisher BAT balance

Brave has a high priority on user privacy, it keeps your browsing history private and all of your BAT tokens are based on an anonymous ledger system, so you can’t be identified based on the sites you visit and support.

brave privacy browser
Brave privacy browser shows you the stats

You can view all of the add trackers that are being blocked on per site bases by clicking on the brave icon in your browsers URL search bar.

I have been using Brave for a year now and I have noticed that it has asked me if I wanted to install Widevine when trying to view a video, when previously it would have auto plated on Chorome and Firefox.

I like these extra added layers of security that other mainstream browsers just don’t supply everyday users.

brave privacy browser sheilds examples

In addition to browser security Brave features, ad blocking, fingerprinting prevention, cookie control, block scripts and configurable global shield defaults.

Now that you have installed the browser you are ready for brave rewards which you can earn by viewing adds in your browser.

How do I join the Brave publisher program

When you join the Brave publisher program you become a verified brave creator and can start earning BAT from tips from people who view your website or social media channel and from referrals.

Visit the Brave browser website before you sign up to the publisher program.

You may already be earning money from placing adds on your website or selling affiliate products.

Why not add another source of revenue?

By signing up to the Brave publisher product you will earn BAT for free.

Other users can contribute money to you while they browse the web with brave rewards.

join the brave rewards publisher program

We are all currently losing money on our publisher programs with add blockers on browsers, so now you can get paid directly by your audience.

As everyday users will earn BAT tokens when they use the browser by viewing ads.

If you are one of their favourite content creators they will set a tip amount to donate to you on a monthly basis.

You can even encourage people to donate BAT to you through a banner or pop-ip on your website.

When you sign up as a verified creator you will have access to a secure dashboard where you can also manage your BAT and give people access to your referral links.

How do I add my website to the Brave publisher program

If you run a website you can connect it to the Brave publisher program.

To get started login to your Brave publisher account.

Click on the add website icon.

connect your website to your brave publisher account

When you click the icon you will be asked to type in your websites URL.

Follow the steps and connect your website.

enter domain information for brave

You have now added your domain as a Brave verified website.

Users who have the Brave browser can now click on the Brave icon in the URL search bar and setup a month BAT (Basic Attention Token) cryptocurrency tip schedule to your Brave wallet each month.

brave verified publisher

How do I connect a Youtube Channel with Brave publisher to earn BAT

Once you have created a Brave publisher account you can also connect your social media accounts so you can get earn BAT from people tipping you.

Users will do this if they use the Brave browser (so get people using it) then they will spend the BAT they earn from viewing adds.

To get started click on the add Youtube account icon on your Brave publisher dashboard.

connect your youtube account to brave publisher

It will prompt you to connect your Youtube account.

You will need to give access to the Brave publisher program then select the Youtube account you want to allow to receive free BAT.

how to earn bat with brave - sign into google and select your youtube account to earn BAT

From here you will be good to go.

If you have a large subscriber base, tell people about Brave and that if they sign up to the browser they can tip you now as a Brave publisher.

How do I connect Twitch with Brave publisher to earn BAT

If you are still wondering how to earn bat with Brave if A. Don’t run a website or B. Have a Youtube account with 50,000 followers.

You may be a gamer and steam your play time on Twitch while you put off taking your eBay dropshipping course or Amazon FBA course.

Brave supports Twitch games and allows people to tip you in BAT if they watch your twitch stream.

This is a great way for Twitch streamers to make money off their viewers.

Visit the Brave browser website and download the browser before you connect Twitch to your Brave publisher account.

To get started login to your Brave publisher account.

Click on the connect Twitch icon.

connect twitch to your brave publisher account

Next it will ask you to login to your Twitch account.

Login and connect your Twitch account to your Brave publisher program to earn BAT for free.

connect your twitch account to brave publisher

Your account will now be connected and users who are using the Brave browser to view your videos should see an Icon to tip you on your Twitch streaming page.

How do I connect Twitter with Brave publisher to earn BAT

So you have a twitter account which is pretty popular and you want to learn how to earn BAT on Brave.

Well it is very easy to do.

When you are signed into your Brave publisher account click on the connect Twitter button.

When you click this button to connect Twitter to your Brave and BAT wallet you will be prompted to sign in.

how to earn bat with brave - give access to your twitter account and brave publisher

Now you have connected your Brave publisher account to Twitter you can earn free BAT and be apart of the BAT coinmarketcap.

Not saying you will earn thousands but you should gain a fair amount in your BAT wallet after a few months.

How do I connect Reddit with Brave publisher to earn BAT

Are you a regular Reddit user and frequently comment on topics and have a high Karma count?

You can now earn BAT tokens for your highly upvoted comments.

I remember the first time I got award some Reddit gold, it have me a buzz.

A week later someone tipped me some with Nano coin for one of my comments.

So based on this, you would be really excited to know that people can tip you with BAT.

When you have signed into your publisher account click on the connect Reddit button.

connect your reddit user account to brave publisher program

It will ask you to login, once you have you should then allow access.

bat with brave - give access on reddit

From here when users are logged into Reddit the will be a BAT token icon next to your username and Redditor’s will be able to tip you.

How do I connect Vimeo with Brave publisher to earn BAT

Some professional entrepreneurs prefer to use Vimeo as a video hosting company due to it’s added features.

If you have a Vimeo account which is gaining popularity you can always add more revenue to your monthly figures by connecting Brave.

Click on the Vimeo icon.

how to earn bat with brave - connect your vimeo account to brave publishers

You will see a prompt to connect your Brave account to Vimeo, select yes.

add your vimeo account to brave

Once done, people who video your Vimeo videos can tip you in BAT.

How do I connect Github with Brave publisher to earn BAT

Last but not least, as a developer you may have seen the Brave publishers wallet app or the brave extension store when working on your side hustle.

Now Brave supports users with a Git repository.

The Brave browser token will connect your Brave publisher account to your Github account so people who like your projects can send you BAT tokens.

To get started login to your Brave publisher account.

Click on the Github icon.

earn BAT with brave and Github

From here login to your GitHub account and connect the two account together.

give access to github and brave

Once you have connected your account as a Brave verified site you are ready to launch.

Create a Brave publishers public page for tips into your Brave wallet

When you have connected all of your accounts as Brave verified sites you should setup a BAT tipping page.

Login to your publisher account and select “customize your tipping banner”.

how to earn bat with brave first customize your brave tipping page

You will be presented with a page that will give you a customer Brave publisher URL and tipping banner page.

Customize it with your logo, banner and contact information.

how to earn bat with brave, add details and images to your brave tipping page

This is a page that can be presented to people who want to tip you with the BAT they have earned from viewing ads with the Brave browser.

A conclusion on how to get brave rewards as a creator

It is fairly easy to earn BAT just by using the Brave browser.

When a window asks you to view a website, just click it view the page for a few seconds.

I have found that some of the ads i viewed are actually interesting websites, so the content presented is of a high standard.

The most money you can make is by connecting your accounts to the Brave publisher program.

Connect as many as you can and share your Brave verified sites link to earn more BAT then you would have imagined.

I rate this browser very highly in terms of speed and privacy and recommend you try it as well.

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